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Spell check of flute

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Correct spelling:
To form channels in.
groove (noun)
slot, gully, ditch, gutter, corrugation, rut, cut, channel, trench, canal, trough, furrow, ravine, incision, groove, dado.
musical instruments (noun)
barrel organ, bagpipes, air guitar, accordion, bass guitar, baby grand, balalaika.
musical instrument (noun)
harp, violin, cello, electric piano, trumpet, viola, English horn, violincello, alto saxophone, guitar, classical guitar, harpsichord, oboe, horn, tenor saxophone, electric guitar, piano, organ, keyboard, drum, recorder, clarinet, fiddle, bass, harmonica, piccolo, trombone, banjo, French horn, saxophone, bassoon.
groove (verb)
incise, dig, channel, rut, groove, dado, corrugate, cut, furrow.
Other synonyms:
transverse flute, fipple flute, snifter, whistle, flute glass, cup, musical instrument, mug, fluting, wind instrument, chalice, beaker, German flute, glass, goblet, loving cup, direct flute, schooner, woodwind, fife, flageolet, panpipe, tube, champagne flute.
Examples of usage:
  1. King Cole: I come, and flute, and then I wander thence. - "King Cole", John Masefield.
  2. Louder still grew the noise; the tones of the flute could scarcely make themselves heard above it. - "Dame Care", Hermann Sudermann.
  3. In your darkness You may see such things playing on your flute Here in the granite ways of mad Chicago! - "Toward the Gulf", Edgar Lee Masters.

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