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Spell check of flavorless

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Correct spelling:
Without flavor.
tasteless (adjective)
unsavory, tasteless, plain, bland, savorless, stale, insipid, jejune, flat, mild, banal, vapid, milquetoast, weak.
Other synonyms:
smooth, colorless, politic, monotonic, level, excite, lusterless, drab, matted, prostrate, lackluster, matt, two-dimensional, compressed, stodgy, vapid, sterile, taste, flat, categoric, lifeless, dead, aseptic, dull, bland, matter-of-fact, dry, tasteless, earthbound, pedestrian, categorical, suave, plane, savourless, unimaginative, uninspired, flavourless, unconditional, insipid, savorless, monotone, spiritless, monotonous, matte, arid, mat, prosaic.
Examples of usage:
  1. Joe had read it, time and again, in that application, and it had fallen flavorless upon his understanding. - "The Bondboy", George W. (George Washington) Ogden.
  2. The dry, desiccating summer wind that blew through it had carried away both the odors and the sense of domesticity; even the adobe hearth had fireside tales to tell,- its very ashes had been scattered by the winds; and the gravestone of its dead owner on the hill was more flavorless of his personality than was this plain house in which he had lived and died. no no - "Openings in the Old Trail", Bret Harte.
  3. Yet, with all its grotesqueness, its mammoth exaggerations, there was human nature in the sketch and rich, full- blooded humor, the brutal, coarse humor of the soil, humor that had not been refined into flavorless delicacy nor polished into insipidness for the moral salvation of too easily shocked tenderlings. - "Famous Prima Donnas", Lewis Clinton Strang.

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