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Spell check of fissured

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Correct spelling:
halved (verb)
severed, ruptured, parted, branched, bisected, forked, slitted, split, cut, rented, torn, axed, cleaved, bifurcated, tore, halved, divided, ripped.
halved (adjective)
halve, cleaved, divided, severed, bisected, split, half, carved, halfway, forked, cut, branching, bifurcated.
disjoint (adjective)
sundered, separated, disassembled, disassociated, cleaved, excised, disengaged, split, disconnected, divided, halved, divorced, dissected, unfixed, disintegrated, uncoupled, scissored, segregated, fragmented, unglued, rent, sliced, broken, detached, unhinged, incised, parted, dissociated, partitioned, disarticulated, bisected, severed, cut, disunited, disjoint, dismantled.
Examples of usage:
  1. At first glance, indeed, Renwick was inclined to that opinion himself, for the rocks, though fissured and scarred as though by the blasts of winter, though not so high, were scarcely less precipitous than upon the southern side. - "The Secret Witness", George Gibbs.
  2. The numerous families of the the the pushed their varied and abundant tufts through the loop- holes in the walls, cracked and fissured in spite of their thickness. pellitories, chamomiles, mesembryanthemums, - "The Village Rector", Honore de Balzac.
  3. The snow was thin and crisp beneath the trees, the air exhilarating, and through openings they caught glimpses of fissured glaciers, rocks that glistened in the steely light, and majestic glittering peaks. - "Carmen's Messenger", Harold Bindloss.

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