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Spell check of firing

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Correct spelling:
the act of firing weapons or artillery at an enemy; " hold your fire until you can see the whites of their eyes"; " they retreated in the face of withering enemy fire"
motivating (verb)
thrusting, fomenting, throwing, impelling, shoving, pitching, nudging, motivating, poking, hurtling, lobbing, pushing, punching, triggering, jostling, urging, jerking, inspiring, shooting, knocking, stimulating, striking, jogging, flinging, fermenting, driving, inducing, instigating, provoking, propelling, encouraging, hastening, enticing, hurling, moving, catapulting, energizing, prompting, forcing, launching, ramming, jolting, heaving, prodding, goading, slinging, bumping, magnetizing.
lighting (verb)
radiating, lighting, glowing, flashing, flaring, glinting, scintillating, shining, fluorescing, illuminating, spotting, beaming, flooding, blazing, sparkling, glittering, gleaming, incandescing.
exciting (verb)
animating, exciting, exhilarating, arousing, agitating, energizing, disturbing, stimulating, disquieting, electrifying, inflaming.
energizing (verb)
charging, reviving, activating, forcing, energizing, invigorating, rousing, sparking, driving, empowering, recharging, powering.
motivational (adjective)
propelling, launching, motivational, moving, prompting, slinging, hastening, prodding, inciting, nudging, driving, jolting, pushing, goading, impelling.
heating (verb)
braising, charring, warming, parching, barbecuing, searing, grilling, sweltering, boiling, poaching, scorching, scalding, frying, simmering, singing, stewing, broiling, toasting, roasting, burning, cooking, heating, parboiling, baking.
propelling (verb)
launching, thrusting, casting, flicking, slinging, throwing, flinging, tossing, bowling, hurling, chucking, lobbing, precipitating, pelting, shoving, driving, projecting, prodding, pitching, compelling, pushing, catapulting, goading, butting, impelling, propelling, shunting, bunting, heaving, ramming, canting.
Other synonyms:
release, firing off, inflammation, sack, dismissal, sacking, liberation, fire, lighting, kindling, ignition, dismission, discharge.
Examples of usage:
  1. In less than half an hour after a firing commenced at Durant's. - "A Sketch of the Life of Brig. Gen. Francis Marion", William Dobein James.
  2. I was firing away all the while, but I don't know if I hit any of them. - "Ahead of the Army", W. O. Stoddard.
  3. And a very good way of firing, too! - "Prince Fortunatus", William Black.

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