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Spell check of finish

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Correct spelling:
That which finishes; last touch or process.
To end; conclude; complete; perfect.
end (verb)
stop, terminate, culminate, cease, finalize, expire, pass on, checkmate, conclude, end, close, decease, pass away, accomplish, complete, cap, wrap up, halt, exit, die.
end (noun)
closing, cessation, termination, completion, death, accomplishment, checkmate, finale, end, halt, exit, terminal, expiration, windup, close, conclusion, period, ending, culmination, finis, demise.
complete (verb)
complete, terminate, end, culminate, integrate, consummate, fill, finalize, fulfill, execute, unify, close, conclude, achieve, arrive, accomplish, graduate.
completion (noun)
fruition, finale, culmination, achievement, end, execution, climax, completion, arrival, conclusion, accomplishment, fulfillment, consummation, termination.
Other synonyms:
false start, baton, dismiss, feel, rub out, conclusion, off, clock, rub, application, stop, shoemaker's last, destination, close, give the sack, sink, bring to an end, closure, murder, to the touch, quit, terminus, manage, wreck, refinement, get through, name and address, swallow, abstain, final stage, give up, force out, have, run through, elaboration, demolish, dissolve, torpedo, total, stopping point, disappear, land up, scrub, put away, expiry, civilization, passing, ending, remove, hold on, cut off, intermit, dispatch, break down, block up, glaze, coda, try, swallow up, wipe out, use up, determination, address, ruin, complete, turn back, closing curtain, wind, capper, civilisation, dead heat, hit, give the axe, make out, ahead, sex, blockade, bury, end, wipe, fetch up, ratiocination, dash, cease, fire, turn on, draw down, liquidate, fill out, withdrawal, leave off, contain, kibosh, cobbler's last, stop over, increase, dab, undo, immerse, run, intercept, glossiness, vanish, break, send away, knock off, destroy, give over, scour, shade, eat, carry off, kill, shutdown, surface, arrest, be, stoppage, touch, refining, come in, eat up, offset, stay, subtlety, last, polish off, discontinuation, come to, deplete, finish up, buff, consume, acculturation, shatter, spoil, cultivation, surcease, come, check, nail, covering, culture, finale, taste, clear up, the blocks, wrack, do in, coat, call it a day/night, lay off, home stretch, discontinue, start, spend, texture, cutoff, nuance, drop back, expend, drain, fill in, go away, wind-up, closedown, coating, finish with, arouse, discontinuance, end up, shutoff, discharge, finish off, barricade, exhaust, cut down, finis, take, evaporate, cross up, bar, grand finale, waste, endgame, gloss, sack, nicety, give notice, smash, arrestment, earth up, ingest, desist, finishing, mop up, shine, terminate, clear, can, excite, lapse, burnish, decision, hold back, place, come to an end, wash up, help, bankrupt, block, carry through, break off, refrain, bump off, block off, slay, polish, pause, goal, purification, fade away, zap, displace, play out.
Examples of usage:
  1. I won't be gone a great while, you can finish up your breakfast." an' - "Dick in the Desert", James Otis.
  2. But since I have begun to tell it I may as well finish. - "Tales of the Five Towns", Arnold Bennett.
  3. That is the sport, said I. may find it poor sport before you finish, he cried. ' 'You ' - "The Green Flag", Arthur Conan Doyle.

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