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Spell check of fine

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Correct spelling:
Excellent; beautiful; showy; delicate; not coarse; keen.
Penalty in money.
To impose a fine upon.
elegant (adjective)
stylish, sophisticated, graceful, cultivated, classical, elegant, suave, tactful, decorous, neat, well-bred, charming, cultured, civil, tasteful, exquisite, dignified, refined.
penalize (verb)
correct, discount, tax, penalize, burden, exact, forfeit, seize, chastise, punish, confiscate, amerce, encumber, extort, levy, make pay, deduct, sequestrate, retribute, discipline, drawback, handicap, judge, abate.
good (adjective)
praiseworthy, pleasant, good, commendable, benign, first-rate, splendid, topnotch, exemplary, laudable, worthy, admirable, excellent, beneficial, worthwhile, five-star, favorable, nice.
narrow (adjective)
lean, thin, lanky, skinny, skeletal, slender, tight, willowy, narrow, scrawny, tenuous, slim.
punish (verb)
reprise, judge, avenge, chasten, persecute, keelhaul, castigate, crucify, imprison, agonize, distress, sentence, discipline, penalize, incarcerate, correct, execute, punish, burden, anguish, pillory, confine, chastise, torture, afflict, try, lambaste.
pleasurable (adjective)
favorable, bright, agreeable, bonny, ambrosial, delectable, pleasing, enlivening, blissful, joyful, jolly, pleasant, enchanting, sweet, pleasurable, sunny, amusing, delightful, unobjectionable, cheerful, charming, entertaining, enjoyable.
punishment (noun)
revenge, payment, burden, confinement, punishment, penalty, chastisement, distress, incarceration, agony, forfeiture, sentence, execution, price, judgment, discipline, imprisonment, retribution, castigation, anguish, reprisal, crucifixion, correction, torture, affliction, verdict, persecution.
wispy (adjective)
tenuous, subtle, ethereal, wispy, gossamer, rare.
penalty (noun)
premium, encumbrance, discipline, forfeiture, chastisement, penalty, correction, burden, punishment, abatement, retribution, discount, judgment, handicap, drawback, deduction.
excellent (adjective)
splendid, classic, excellent, exemplary, select, superlative, above par, prime, all-star, exquisite, A plus, choice, superior, A-1, ace.
Other synonyms:
wonder, accurate, grand, fat, decent, disqualification, irreproachable, prizewinning, fine-grained, bully, f., dope, immense, smallish, dynamite, refined, slender, noncustodial, undersized, tophole, great, dinky, gangbusters, okay, majestic, delicately, precise, mathematical, o.k., pocket, tiptop, top-of-the-line, pretty, courtly, big, ticket, thin, groovy, pulverulent, bantam, rough, hairline, gone, fairish, amercement, mean, polished, lovely, A1, respectable, passable, delicate, serviceable, dainty, Lilliputian, beautiful, hatchet-faced, top-shelf, top-notch, exceptional, grounded, broad, brag, frontline, equable, prickly, genuine, perceptive, marvelous, pure, rigorous, tolerable, exquisitely, principled, hairline, alright, bang-up, powdery, famous, unclouded, copacetic, shrimpy, ragged, needlelike, strict, pulverized, able-bodied, recherché, ducky, bumper, classy, fantastic, crackerjack, straight, fantabulous, disqualify, keen, elongated, sharp, hype, sensitive, midget, unsurpassed, ok, baby-faced, down, calm, A-one, good-looking, community service, minute, wizard, elegant, jim-dandy, ground, tenuous, acceptable, banish, blue-chip, A-OK, pocket-size, half-pint, beauteous, subnormal, hot, smooth, filmy, brave, uneven, unmixed, honest, very well, discreet, thin, absolute, topping, corking, kneecap, cracking, quick, pure, irregular, floury, number one, slight, upstanding, healthy, spot-on, cloudless, plain, toylike, fab, o.k., dandy, comminuted, exquisite, gilt-edged, all right, pygmy, phat, handsome, jake, spry, coarse, well, light, awesome, damages, dainty, sincere, undiluted, primo, nuanced, microscopic, small, tip-top, cool, truthful, expensive, jagged, comely, craggy, better, hunky-dory, supernal, mulct, impound, normal, four-star, champion, boss, close-grained, delicate, numero uno, pinpoint, fit, delicate, diminutive, terrific, excellent, superfine, blue-ribbon, reasonable, bail, fabulous, satisfactory, sterling, incredible, full-face, out-of-sight, first-string, furrowed, close, clear, tiny, pulverised, topflight, small, granular, subtile, capital, small-grained, keen, little, powdered, fair, across, top-flight, subtle, minuscule, waterboarding, detention, chiseled, Botany Bay, dusty, unadulterated, extradition, prize, high-class, picturesque, rugged, clarified, still, windless, unalloyed, wonderful, divine, swell, tremendous, nice, superior, stellar, dwarfish, quality, vigorous, pulverous, ultrathin, purified, hairsplitting, bewitching, slim-jim, slick, adequate, dustlike, noble, peachy, nongranular, definite, hairline, finespun, radical, par excellence, boffo, banner, top, nifty, elegant, gauzy, ingestion, attractive, finely, robust, first-class, heavenly, pleasant, fresh-faced, palatable, abrasive, splendid, clear, textured, distinct, attenuated, superb, puny, pint-size, righteous, tight, strong, peachy keen, paper-thin, stately, dainty, good, sensational, minute, clement.
Examples of usage:
  1. I mean to, one of these fine days. - "Major Vigoureux", A. T. Quiller-Couch.
  2. " Ah, that is fine. - "The Coming of the King", James Hocking.
  3. Fine subject for Miss Mapp. - "Miss Mapp", Edward Frederic Benson.

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