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Spell check of find

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Correct spelling:
To discover; perceive; supply.
judge (verb)
resolve, referee, judge, appraise, mediate, pronounce, assess, consider, arbitrate, decide, adjudicate, rule, determine, sentence.
discover (verb)
unmask, unravel, educe, determine, recognize, realize, unearth, dig up, disinter, fathom, disclose, elicit, solve, breakthrough, discover, detect, unriddle, reveal, identify, expose.
locate (verb)
spot, situate, post, establish, put, set, locate, pinpoint, lay, place, discover, station, position, unearth.
Other synonyms:
gamble, scram, envision, uprise, hear, rein, influence, risk, hap, scrape up, materialise, come about, predominate, comprehend, insure, take place, drive, image, figure, harness, scrape, accept, fit in, remember, come across, grow, adjust, commence, obtain, conceive, see the light, suffer, run across, get together, hit on, husking, beget, mention, find out, start out, bewilder, get down, acquire, reign, keep, describe, chance, observe, make, arrest, chance upon, dumbfound, strike, get the idea, stumble across, measure, come on, take in, prevail, invite, recollect, endure, unwrap, ferret out, fall out, gather, stumble on, regain, mold, go steady, knock, understand, go out, convey, watch over, examine, taste, note, read up on, come up, work out, descry, go through, give away, divulge, fall upon, derive, put aside, recover, fall/fit into place, mystify, project, see, visualise, alight on, let out, witness, overflow, ascertainment, conceptualize, comment, view, bechance, realise, spare, take, mark, see to it, come down, acknowledge, honour, father, recoup, dress, stupefy, bring forth, contract, reclaim, ascertain, scratch, be reared on something, escort, rule, play, deduce, learn, invent, dig out, catch, queue, light on, get under one's skin, determine, let, discover, check, give up to, have a feel for something, distinguish, square up, produce, acquisition, pass, key, light upon, come up with, run a risk, baring, go up, pass off, mother, specify, get wind, muster, squeeze in, bring out, meet, possess, induce, pay back, amaze, masterpiece, engender, thoroughbred, think, align, incur, muster up, happen on, stimulate, settle, materialize, become, gravel, take on, bump into, go, stripping, construe, picture, catch out, pose, set about, arrive at, find (the) time, remark, happen upon, go back, keep an eye on, finger, breakthrough, beat, convalesce, make sense of something, recall, arrive, receive, come, break, buzz off, aline, undergo, conclude, hazard, get a line, call back, let on, draw a conclusion/an inference, bring, perplex, bob up, experience, dislodge, take chances, nonplus, develop, denudation, allow, have, get word, retrieve, recuperate, flummox, have time on your hands, run into, visit, track down, discern, rise, occur, demote, classic, make up your mind, ascend, know, date, go on, tumble on, abide by, draw, uncovering, begin, find oneself, take a chance, discovery, detect, teach, cause, chance on, regard, take care, attain, name, sustain, rally, bonanza, tingle, nurse, look, respect, limit, let yourself go, infer, trace, puzzle, gain, watch, encounter, celebrate, interpret, befall, pick up, happen, start, adventure, windfall, fix, dream, miracle, palpate, come upon, take note, point out, notice, define, sire, come by, burn, phenomenon, fancy, govern, call up, line-up, fetch, attend, square off, shape, visualize, sum up, uncover, commit yourself, queue up, decree, hold, move up, stick, welcome, pay off, bugger off, baffle, kick downstairs, control, walk away with, finding, make up one's mind, dominate, key out, assure, set out, ensure, map, vex, sense, bump, inspiration, summon, relegate, maintain, aim, surface, lift, get hold, feel, generate, arise, regulate, honor, model, marvel, follow, get, rise up, capture, reckon, the sublime.
Examples of usage:
  1. " Oh, where did you find that? - "Peccavi", E. W. Hornung.
  2. Then I'll try to find her." - "Riders of the Silences", Max Brand.
  3. She had a mind to find out, and let him see. - "The Other Girls", Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney.

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