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Spell check of fiddle

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Correct spelling:
Stringed instrument played with a bow; violin.
To play the fiddle.
musical instrument (noun)
harp, violin, cello, electric piano, trumpet, viola, English horn, violincello, alto saxophone, guitar, classical guitar, harpsichord, oboe, horn, tenor saxophone, electric guitar, piano, organ, keyboard, drum, recorder, clarinet, flute, bass, harmonica, piccolo, trombone, banjo, French horn, saxophone, bassoon.
musical instruments (noun)
barrel organ, bagpipes, air guitar, accordion, bass guitar, baby grand, balalaika.
Other synonyms:
nerts, hokum, silliness, piffle, dally, arrange, trick, beans, crapola, slush, fidget, hornswoggle, twiddle, claptrap, bosh, run, flapdoodle, rubbish, hoax, senselessness, crock, beans, drool, nuts, monkey around, twaddle, cornstalk fiddle, nuts, hooey, mess around, hogwash, blah, malarkey, taradiddle, play, moonshine, meet, drool, flapdoodle, moonshine, stupidity, hustle, shell game, pack, shell game, punk, muck, bunkum, flimflam, hooey, fiddle-faddle, bunk, wreak, blatherskite, atmospherics, silliness, roleplay, punk, bull, nobble, toy, dirty tricks, garbage, humbug, drool, baloney, bunkum, baloney, graze, bull, help, trash, rot, ruse, get your hands dirty, balderdash, shell game, rubbish, violin, drivel, malarkey, con, punk, flannel, contact, hooey, nerts, bull, goldbrick, horsefeathers, poppycock, blither, fiddlesticks, jazz, poppycock, be caught with your hand in the cookie jar, rook, fudge, blather, scheme, mulct, tinker, trumpery, fake, work, nerts, tommyrot, humbug, crock, foolishness, insinuate yourself (into something), trash, handle, slush, stupidity, foolishness, piffle, drivel, shirk, bet, foolishness, grasp, senselessness, humbuggery, trash, victimize, encounter, rubbish, humbuggery, flirt, taradiddle, blarney, fool, diddle, crapola, hustle, jazz, drivel, folly, tosh, twaddle, muck, blatherskite, tosh, horsefeathers, take on, scam, applesauce, falsify, potter, tommyrot, stroke, blarney, spiel, bunkum, flimflam, prank, moonshine, shrink from, piffle, balderdash, jazz, horsefeathers, bilge, articulation, blatherskite, putter, hokum, bilge, hokeypokey, sting, act, stupidity, gyp, trumpery, codswallop, blast, humbuggery, short-change, balderdash, tamper, subterfuge, pick up, sting, hokeypokey, bunk, copy, guff, crapola, playact, blather, bosh, bunk, claptrap, hokeypokey, muck about, fiddlesticks, act as, garbage, meddle, feel, slush, gip, monkey, hustle, kill, waste, touch, fudge, flannel, bring, grip, hoodoo, blah, flapdoodle, garbage, codswallop, tosh, defraud, mess, blather, accompany, blither, flannel, hokum, dodge, bunco, pluck, folderol, swindle, guff, claptrap, stringed instrument, handling, make for, musical instrument, malarkey, beat out, gather up, folly, represent, muck, clutch, tommyrot, baloney, folly, blast away, applesauce, trifle away, tap, applesauce, rot, blarney, fiddle-faddle, fiddle-faddle, twaddle, muck around, cheat, guff, folderol, fudge, beans, hoodoo, hoodoo, hold, pat, taradiddle, bilge, folderol, trumpery, crock, nuts, hogwash, fiddlesticks, senselessness, bosh, recreate, bang out, brush, back, humbug, codswallop, sting, industrious, poppycock, baton, hogwash, blah, rot, silliness, blither, flimflam, wager, ploy, trifle.
Examples of usage:
  1. He had several children, among them a boy called Hans, who seemed to have inherited his gifts- not exactly in the way of fiddle- playing, though he did play- but he sang the old songs beautifully and made new ones himself. grandfather's - "The Bridal March; One Day", Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson.
  2. You wants dear to fiddle the back to you. Sinfi Gorgie's livin' mullo - "Aylwin", Theodore Watts-Dunton.
  3. Where is your fiddle? - "Phil the Fiddler", Horatio Alger, Jr..

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