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Spell check of fete

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Correct spelling:
To entertain festively.
celebrate (verb)
salute, memorialize, cheer, exult, proclaim, observe, enjoy, hallow, laud, carouse, inaugurate, solemnize, honor, praise, make merry, hail, jubilate, revel, commemorate, celebrate, rejoice, glorify, frolic, trumpet, acclaim, venerate, party.
Other synonyms:
lionize, bash, festival, celebration, entertainment, soiree, feast, celebration, blowout, event, spread, group, do, binge, fiesta, work, gala, powwow, ball, shindig, lionise, carnival, fest, get-together, function, festivity, reception, keep, occasion, celebrate, blast, jubilee, affair, gala, banquet.
Examples of usage:
  1. Papa won't forgive me; but says he will send me a ticket for the fete; it is vastly attentive of him, for I did not ask it. Lindore - "Marriage", Susan Edmonstone Ferrier.
  2. I had helped to work one of these shows once, at a Sunday School treat- or a Primrose Fete- forget which- down in the country. - "Foe-Farrell", Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch.
  3. The money shall be placed at once at your disposal, the moment you have arranged the plans of your fete. - "Louise de la Valliere", Alexandre Dumas, Pere.

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