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Spell check of feel

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Correct spelling:
To know by touch; have emotions excited; impart a sensation to the touch.
To perceive by touch; be conscious of; be keenly sensible of.
caress (noun)
stroke, squeeze, caress, touch, embrace, hug.
texture (noun)
granulation, weave, pile, nap, touch, material, smoothness, surface, texture, roughness, web, grain, grit, fabric, fineness, coarseness, tissue.
sense (verb)
detect, perceive, sense.
feel (verb)
sense, finger, grope, undergo, handle, respond, probe, touch, fumble, experience.
touch (verb)
air, sensation, graze, paw, character, touch, twiddle, rub, manipulate, palpate, stroke, palm, ply, caress, brush, finger, contact, kiss, skim.
Other synonyms:
tingle, participate, line up, incur, purport, scent, aspect, find out, have a mind of your own, ascertain, step, feeling, face, intuitive feeling, become, tell, see, look, belief, quality, come over, prove, whole tone, timber, odor, odour, olfactory property, feelings, heart, feature, suffer, pick through, sense of smell, believe, burn, tone, yearn, form, smelling, hold, tap, observe, palpate, find, notion, hunt down, tone of voice, property, handling, flavor, expression, whole step, discover, timbre, bump, savor, know, believe in, opinion, note, pluck, nurse, touch sensation, know best, aroma, knowledge, tonus, recover, grip, investigate, grabble, component, tincture, smack, happen, poke, emotional state, receive, pick up, intuit, sympathize, search out, sprightliness, tang, to the touch, pure tone, rule, compassionate, finish, life, thumb, peculiarity, identify, commiserate, gather up, adhere to, taste, notice, seek, pity, meet, retrieve, liveliness, savour, say, recognize, consider, olfactory modality, smell out, spot, sapidity, nature, incline, determine, discern, disembodied spirit, live, look for, come up, get, overflow, reckon, relish, have, olfaction, shade, experience, witness, give up to, put out feelers, spirit, looking at, regain, facial expression, musical note, be, tactile property, tactual sensation, encounter, seek out, apprehend, go through, chance, looking, send up a trial balloon, think, let yourself go, scavenge, facet, find oneself, tint, be reared on something, go, walk away with, possess, tactile sensation, get hold, impression, ache, obtain, smell, tonicity, flavour, sense, grow, appear, olfactory perception, pat, intent, search, clutch, grasp, factor, pick out, endure, look out for, olfactory sensation, finger.
Examples of usage:
  1. I- I think he doesn't feel very well." - "Coniston, Book I.", Winston Churchill.
  2. Oh, cousin, if one could always feel as we do here." - "Phemie Frost's Experiences", Ann S. Stephens.
  3. I feel you like her. - "Dawn", Mrs. Harriet A. Adams.

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