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Spell check of fear

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Correct spelling:
Alarm; apprehension of evil; reverential awe.
To regard or expect with fear; dread; be afraid.
fear (noun)
spinelessness, apprehension, dread, terror, alarm, timidity, fright, anxiety, intimidation, faintheartedness, cowardice, angst, agitation.
emotion (noun)
emotion, sentiment, anger, mood, hatred, passion, sympathy, temperment, excitement, feeling, sensation, sadness.
expectation (noun)
suspense, envisioning, expectancy, expectation, presumption, worriment, apprehension, pessimism, contemplation, foreboding, anticipation, dread, uncertainty, anxiety, apprehensiveness.
Other synonyms:
live in fear (of), panic, intrepidity, gambling, business organization, terror, consternation, nervosity, business, devotion, tutelage, fearfulness, charge, chicken out, upkeep, tending, worry, misgiving, fear and trembling, unease, revere, be/live in dread of, hazard, sweat, attention, trepidation, danger, business organisation, agita, solicitude, hesitation, quail, affright, business concern, quake, precaution, horror, irresolution, presentiment, caution, aid, dread, care, aversion, idolize, forethought, abhorrence, reverence, doubt, veneration, maintenance, cold feet, tremor, disquietude, menace, suspicion, lose your nerve, lest, scare, trepidation, threat, concernment, qualm, concern, worship, horror, anxiousness, tremor, bugbear, vexation, risk, despair, chill, fright, apprehension, nervousness, bravery, awe, in order to prevent, dread, idolise, funk, stakes, revulsion, uneasiness, cultism, peril, phobia, timidity, perturbation, disquiet, guardianship, trembling, fright, have a horror of (doing) something, dismay, courage, venerate, headache, hero-worship, idolatry, boldness, take fright.
Examples of usage:
  1. I fear I understand you, Gartley! - "Weighed and Wanting", George MacDonald.
  2. If you promise, I shall have nothing of this sort to fear. - "Barren Honour: A Novel", George A. Lawrence.
  3. Perhaps she will marry, but if not, she has nothing to fear. - "Esther", Henry Adams.

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