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Correct spelling:
darlings (noun)
sweethearts, jewels, darlings, treasures, pets, idols, dears, honeys, loves.
Examples of usage:
  1. He accordingly took with him a few favorites of his immediate family and a small body of troops, and commenced his journey- a journey which was considered by all the people as a base and ignoble flight. - "Genghis Khan, Makers of History Series", Jacob Abbott.
  2. In the next few days, Alexander and Dodo became great favorites with the and Fabian, while Polly and Eleanor declared that the girl was splendid! Mr. Ashbys Mr. - "Polly and Her Friends Abroad", Lillian Elizabeth Roy.
  3. She fell to dreaming of the old days when this was Spanish territory, and the king gave royal grants of land to his favorites: for instance, all the country lying between two mountain ranges, to where a river cut across and formed a natural boundary. - "Starr, of the Desert", B. M Bower.

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