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Spell check of fatigued

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Correct spelling:
weary (adjective)
wayworn, wasted, debilitated, drowsy, worn-out, droopy, exhausted, faint, flaccid, feeble, sleepy, blue, listless, tired, cheerless, weak, trying, weary, frazzled, uphill, bored, apathetic, run-down, limp, footsore, toilsome, over-weary, depressed.
enervated (verb)
sapped, emptied, debilitated, enervated, dissipated, tapped, drained, exhausted.
fatigued (adjective)
wayworn, frazzled, run-down, weary, enervated, worn-out, sluggish, flagged, tired, sleepy, lethargic, exhausted, drowsy.
fatigued (verb)
exhausted, wore out, enervated, tired, ran down, tuckered, worn, worn down, flagged, frazzled, wore down, wore.
bored (verb)
tranquilized, sedated, bored, annoyed, wearied, dulled, tired.
Other synonyms:
prostrate, ill-defined, health, timid, tapped out, faint-hearted, indistinct, dim, played out, faltering, fagged, dog-tired, ready to drop, jaded, tired out, done in, logy, beaten, bushed, faded, spent, exhausted, wiped out, rundown, languid, all in, washed-out, done, aweary, bleary, tired, on your last legs, half-hearted, dead, knackered, purposeless, irresolute, weariful, worn-out, beat, pooped, burned-out, dozy.
Examples of usage:
  1. Are you much fatigued, Elsie dear? - "Elsie's Womanhood", Martha Finley.
  2. The lamp burned dim, the fire sank; he put aside reading and knowledge gained through reading, and sat, sunk deep into a dim desert within himself; at last got to bed and fell to sleep and to dreams that fatigued, that took him nowhere. - "Foes", Mary Johnston.
  3. It was evening when I arrived, much fatigued by the journey I had so often made so easily. - "Great Expectations", Charles Dickens.

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