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Spell check of Familiarize

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Correct spelling:
habituate (verb)
acclimatize, habituate.
regularize (verb)
habituate, regularize, routinize, standardize, accustom.
Other synonyms:
lecture, induct, advise, catch up, tutor, brief, clear, clue, hip, fill in, orient, acquaint, verse, orientate, familiarise, teach, educate, train, instruct, ground, introduce, present, initiate, tell, inform, coach, wise, apprise.
Examples of usage:
  1. Rather than risk many lives, we would withdraw before them, test their effectiveness and familiarize ourselves with the tactics they adopted. - "The Airlords of Han", Philip Francis Nowlan.
  2. For first the Catechism will quickly and strongly inoculate the rising generation with the dogma, and secondly, as being a papal text- book, it will familiarize all the young from an early age with the notion, that in religion everything emanates from the Pope, depends on him and refers to him. - "Letters From Rome on the Council", Johann Joseph Ignaz von Döllinger.
  3. They scanned plans and scales in the office to familiarize themselves with the property, and there was but one portion of it they had not visited. - "The Plunderer", Roy Norton.

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