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Spell check of fake

Correct spelling:
misrepresent (verb)
satirize, lampoon, counterfeit, misrepresent, distort, spoof, exaggerate, parody.
deceiver (noun)
cheat, fraud, charlatan, criminal, counterfeiter, deceiver, imposter, phony, con artist, con man, forger, defrauder.
pretend (verb)
cover, show, falsify, disguise, pretend, defraud, imitate, impersonate, masquerade, forge, stage, counterfeit, deceive, bluff, claim, affect, pose.
false (adjective)
study at false.
pretentious (adjective)
la-di-da, theatrical, deceitful, forged, studied, synthetic, fraudulent, unnatural, affected, impersonating, facade, mannered, ostentatious, masquerading, stiff, forced, posing, overdone, mock, false, showy, ersatz, histrionic, bogus, imposture, pretentious, stilted, artificial, imitation, stagy, counterfeit.
misrepresentation (noun)
spoof, satire, lampoon, caricature, misrepresentation, parody, counterfeit, distortion, cartoon, exaggeration, burlesque, takeoff, farce, travesty.
Other synonyms:
fashion, finagle, strained, imaginary, malingerer, made-up, make, fraudulence, skulker, wheeler-dealer, faker, insinuate yourself (into something), false hair, brown-nose, devise, duplicate, wangle, forge, unauthentic, shammer, Pecksniffian, disingenuous, mold, off-key, prepare, hairpiece, plastic, simulated, sour, false, tease, politician, hedge, hypocrite, put off, pseud, belie, phony, factitious, pretended, jook, forgery, fictitious, sham, juke joint, transcript, spurious, queer, mould, formulate, fictive, man-made, evade, conman, counterfeit, suppositious, imitation, supposititious, bogus, sugary, dupery, actor, skirt, pull wires, manage, mechanical, untrue, unctuous, talk through one's hat, impostor, snide, misrepresent, contrived, garble, liar, hustle, hoax, Janus-faced, pretender, falsify, unreal, get your hands dirty, duck, hypothetical, shape, double, hypocritical, elude, backhanded, bull, mealy, warp, cook, pull strings, sidestep, copy, hammer, replica, bastard, histrion, two-faced, mimic, hollow, simulate, spurt, interpolate, factitious, put-on, crook, fixer, jive, bullshit, imitative, lip, fraud, substitute, play out, contrive, inauthentic, circumvent, imposter, manipulate, dissembler, dummy, role player, dodge, keep up, photocopy, phony-baloney, assumed, quack, rig, be caught with your hand in the cookie jar, ready, dissimulator, invent, feigned, excogitate, artificial, postiche, mealymouthed, form, spirt, alter, original, fix, reproduction, player, left-handed, feigned, pseudo, jook house, double-faced, jook joint, bull through, pack, control, fudge, thespian, double-dealing, humbug, juke, work, tracing, parry, delusive, insincere, mistaken, play along, keep in line, juke house, true, mountebank, faux, phoney.
Common misspellings:
  1. fack (48%)
  2. dfake (9%)
  3. fanticy (9%)
  4. facke (9%)
  5. phonie (4%)
  6. fakey (4%)
  7. fakely (4%)
  8. feak (4%)
  9. ake (4%)
  10. foo (4%)
Examples of usage:
  1. Theres fake about it.
    - no - "The Shewing-up of Blanco Posnet", George Bernard Shaw.
  2. To- morrow night he holds what he calls his annual a fake and a joke.
    - no - "The Shewing-up of Blanco Posnet", George Bernard Shaw. 'town- meeting'- - "Captivating Mary Carstairs", Henry Sydnor Harrison.
  3. You know that stork story is all a lie too, nothing to it, babies don't come that way, and now I'm investigating this Jesus Christ story, I suppose all a fake too.
    - no - "The Shewing-up of Blanco Posnet", George Bernard Shaw. 'town- meeting'- - "Captivating Mary Carstairs", Henry Sydnor Harrison. there's that's - "The Mother and Her Child", William S. Sadler Lena K. Sadler.
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