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Spell check of fair

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Correct spelling:
Clear; free from blemish; beautiful; light- colored; prosperous; equitable; pleasing.
the fair, the female sex.
beautiful (adjective)
dazzling, lovely, sublime, ornamental, bonny, elegant, flowerlike, refined, polished, angelic, handsome, becoming, breathtaking, sightly, beautiful, enchanting, glamorous, finished, good-looking, pleasing, gorgeous, radiant, attractive, splendid, resplendent, comely, superb, shapely, pretty, stunning, charming, exquisite, glorious, picturesque, belle, graceful, quaint, eye-filling.
just (adjective)
lawful, equable, even-handed, square, good, just, honorable, right, equitable, due.
respectable (adjective)
estimable, honest, worthy, principled, blameless, saintly, law-abiding, upstanding, creditable, pure, righteous, right-minded, irreproachable, true, unimpeachable, untarnished, forthright, virtuous, respectable, good, honorable, moral, noble, angelical.
market (noun)
counter, bureau, supermarket, department store, establishment, bazaar, chain, office, grocery, stall, market place, store, mart, warehouse, convenience store, depot, stock exchange, market, emporium, shop, exchange.
Other synonyms:
sightly, ivory, bonny, roseate, pleasant, uncontaminating, bazaar, appropriate, pallid, straw, just, rank, unclouded, delightful, blond, fair-minded, detached, unbiassed, extensive, balmy, golden, light-haired, unconditional, sunshiny, alabaster, correct, arrant, enormous, high, bewitching, tidy, trade show, damned, fetching, profound, civil, sportsmanlike, so-so, legal, in-bounds, indifferent, rose-colored, moderate, beautiful, fit, unqualified, modal, maybe, undistinguished, temperate, substantial, be onto a winner, blonde, goodly, colors, reasonably, colored, snowy, somewhat, taking, big, chalky, expo, what, jolly, passably, perhaps, definite, antimonopoly, beauteous, straightforward, trustworthy, courteous, fairly, auspicious, spotless, complete, brunette, calm, amusement park, usual, ethical, aboveboard, exhibit, balanced, clean, downright, placid, heartening, cloudless, rightful, consummate, sane, objective, speculative, well-favored, propitious, unobjectionable, regular, deadly, Disneyland, perfect, frank, acceptable, golden, legible, fortunate, satisfactory, tawny, sterling, high-minded, scrupulous, second-rate, bonnie, fairish, middling, lily-white, condign, Coney Island, show, dark, brunet, widely, intermediate, decent, large, total, flaxen, candid, pale, sporting, around, cute, same, out-and-out, faded, straight-out, cotton-picking, deserved, unbiased, lovesome, plum, upbeat, stand a chance/hope (of doing something), optimistic, damn, someone's getting there, neat, dependable, light, plain, tolerable, passable, crashing, favorable, immaculate, bake sale, fresh, run-of-the-mill, blank, goodish, common, spick-and-span, bazar, excellent, dispassionate, unstained, fair-haired, simple, stark, fine, legitimate, benefit, warranted, stormy, have a fighting chance, unfair, mild, flag day, impartial, county fair, great, unmitigated, even, uninfected, comme il faut, pearly, knockout, plumb, disinterested, still, antitrust, reasonable, rosy, thorough, meet, unprejudiced, unsoiled, fair-and-square, generous, exhibition, poor, about, sincere, drop-dead, likely, conservative, utter, merited, all-out, without favoring one party, huge, clear, auburn, equal, the cards are stacked in someone's favor, moderately, average, Midland, towheaded, flat-out, unalloyed, substandard, stainless, all right, unjust, exposition, viewing, fundraising, unsatisfactory, sunny, milky, white, second-class, thoroughgoing, medium, flat, roadshow, carnival, likely, mean, reliable, run-of-the-mine, upright, dreadful, mediocre, unsullied, categorical, suboptimal, someone should/will go far, open, bright, independent, ravishing, chaste, fundraiser, be halfway there, theme park, fairground, competent, silvery, bodacious, colorless, justified, outright, OK, funfair, feminine, comely, respectable, sensible, proper, threatening, inadequate, sandy, brilliant, coloured, sallow, you can't go wrong, sporty, disappointing, sheer, dead, ordinary, peaches-and-cream, benevolent, promising, adequate, sufficient, private showing, evenhanded, benign, windless, accepted, be in/out of the running, inferior, sportsmanly, tranquil, limited, some, unadulterated, uncorrupted, luck, have something in your pocket, very, clement, aesthetic, pulchritudinous, pleasure ground, seemly, squeaky-clean, pristine, stone, natural, considerable, blooming, straight, bingo, neutral, decorous, clean-living, encouraging, median, commonplace, evenhandedly, antiseptic, nonpartisan, circus.
Examples of usage:
  1. " Yes, I think that would be more than fair," said Daddy Bunker. no - "Six Little Bunkers at Cousin Tom's", Laura Lee Hope.
  2. That your idea of fair play, is it? - "A Frontier Mystery", Bertram Mitford.
  3. Fair and sweet surely. - "A Terrible Secret", May Agnes Fleming.

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