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Spell check of exult

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Correct spelling:
To rejoice greatly; triumph.
celebrate (verb)
salute, memorialize, cheer, fete, proclaim, observe, enjoy, hallow, laud, carouse, inaugurate, solemnize, honor, praise, make merry, hail, jubilate, revel, commemorate, celebrate, rejoice, glorify, frolic, trumpet, acclaim, venerate, party.
Other synonyms:
gloat, be jubilant, prevail, delight, spin around, crow, go crazy, joy, lick your lips, be on cloud nine, buzz, triumph, exuberate, pleasure, go berserk, delight, jump for joy, swoon, wallow, jubilate, walk on air, go mad, rejoice, thrill, glory, crackle, boast, happy, kvell.
Examples of usage:
  1. Just as in a civil contest, they exult in all their victories, they are dejected and mortified in all their defeats. - "The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. VI. (of 12)", Edmund Burke.
  2. He dies, and our hearts die with him; and yet his death matters nothing to or we even exult. us, - "Oxford Lectures on Poetry", Andrew Cecil Bradley.
  3. A few poor people here have built for themselves within the great walls, in the manner of the Italian peasants in Traveller," who do the same within the confines of a palace- " And wondering man can want the larger pile, Exult and own their cottage with a smile." huts Goldsmith's " Caesar's - "Byeways in Palestine", James Finn.

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