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Spell check of explain

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Correct spelling:
To make plain or clear; expound.
answer (verb)
respond, counterclaim, counter-reply, echo, come back, reply, counter, answer, retort, acknowledge, return, counter-state, rebut, expound, countercharge, counter-accuse.
respond (verb)
respond, justify, object, react, reply, return, defend, refute, echo, rebut, acknowledge, expound, retort, answer, deny.
interpret (verb)
remark upon, show by example, read, rephrase, transcribe, get to, tell, point up, account for, speak out, articulate, annotate, offer an explanation, simplify, make plain, get to the bottom of, throw light upon, resolve, condense, make oneself understood, get through, solve, demonstrate, get across, decode, teach, put on the right track, set right, comment, disentangle, make sense of, put across, cast light upon, construe, manifest, untangle, come to the point, demystify, refine, put in other words, interpret, illuminate, work out, translate, illustrate, assign a meaning to, unfold, put in plain English, disclose, emphasize, restate, go into detail, render, comment on, get over, point out, bring out, unscramble, decipher, make clear, analyze, spell out, figure out, unravel, paraphrase, report, elucidate, clear up, reveal.
mean (verb)
mean, imply, connote, signify, intend, describe, define, denote, indicate.
account (verb)
justify, explicate, account, rationalize, clarify, describe.
Other synonyms:
as, i.e., pardon, develop, inasmuch as, let off, apologise, reason, have something to do with something, resolve, extenuate, sleek over, rationalise, apologize, explicate, lay out, relieve, figure out, pertain to, because, show, do with, set out, bear on, unravel, excuse, clear, dope out, look at, nay, clear up, formulate, run through, explain away, be associated with, surround, put down to, plead, condone, be bound up/together, exempt, ask, account for, unriddle, argue, enucleate, construe, beg off, besides, attribute, whitewash, solve, palliate, spell out, correspond, precisely, interrelate, gloss over, since, link, answer to.
Examples of usage:
  1. If he can explain, well and good. - "The Unspeakable Perk", Samuel Hopkins Adams.
  2. I cannot explain- I am not my own mistress. - "Blind Policy", George Manville Fenn.
  3. I will now explain what a was. skytale - "Plutarch's Lives, Volume II", Aubrey Stewart & George Long.

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