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Spell check of expel

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Correct spelling:
To drive out by force; banish.
seclude (verb)
screen, detach, sequester, alienate, extirpate, disbar, isolate, remove, exclude, closet, cloister, reject, separate, oust, exile, seclude, extradite, deport, eliminate, expatriate, boycott, segregate, blacklist, cordon, ostracize, evict, blackball, eject, insulate, excommunicate, banish, confine.
exclude (verb)
reject, forbid, disbar, blackball, proscribe, ban, exile, extradite, bar, boycott, oust, eject, ignore, excommunicate, disallow, expatriate, renounce, disqualify, relegate, prohibit, exclude, banish, repudiate, blacklist, eliminate, deny, excise, remove, eradicate, ostracize, evict, amputate, deport.
Other synonyms:
vent, exhaust, extrude, explosion, fire, send away, toss, put out, clear, run down, evolve, keep, rout out, chuck, cast aside, spreadeagle, drum out, muster out, squirt, unloose, publish, release, relinquish, assoil, consume, free, breathe, let go, take off, drum, hound, cast away, sweep away, cast out, drop off, get rid of, belch, emanate, tire, discard, erupt, suspend, advance, bounce, issue, turf out, unfreeze, spurt, resign, fling, spew, eat, dismiss, give out, gouge, set down, spout, boot, eject, go off, irradiate, chase, turn-out, out, get out, send, dispatch, disgorge, discharge, deplete, eruct, rout, run off, exclude, cast, shoot, take, bring out, put away, flush out, exculpate, unload, put down, turn, root, chuck out, blow, starve out, kick out, drive out, play out, weed out, eat up, unblock, tucker, exonerate, force out, extravasate, expire, complete, loose, rout up, transport, let go of, turf, sap, run through, extract, throw out, use up, boot out, dislodge, jet, displace, throw away, rouse, exhale, wash up, bump, toss away, oust, secrete, rootle, tucker out, acquit, toss out, give up, drop, empty, dispose, liberate, expire, accept, wipe out, unloosen, squeeze out, spread-eagle, radiate, beat.
Examples of usage:
  1. With three hundred whites and two hundred Indians he started to expel the French. - "The South American Republics Part I of II", Thomas C. Dawson.
  2. It would be too bad to expel in disgrace. us - "Burr Junior", G. Manville Fenn.
  3. This is not to say that now and then one city or another did not try to expel them. - "The Allied Countries and the Jews", Hyman Gerson Enelow.

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