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Spell check of exercising

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Correct spelling:
acting (verb)
performing, operating, laboring, comporting, behaving, executing, perpetrating, reacting, doing, moving, working, acting, conducting, appearing, transacting, functioning, endeavoring, officiating.
applying (verb)
conducting, serving, applying, functioning, exerting, implementing, using, utilizing, effecting, employing, practicing, operating.
exerting (verb)
toiling, exerting, applying, expending, discharging, wielding, employing, laboring.
Other synonyms:
utilization, practice session, example, physical exercise, employment, usage, workout, use, physical exertion, utilisation, exercise, practice, recitation, drill.
Examples of usage:
  1. " Very well," answered Paul Harley, quietly, but I could see that he was exercising a tremendous restraint upon himself. - "Bat Wing", Sax Rohmer.
  2. There are sometimes so many melodies in combination, each exercising its individuality and proceeding independently, that the " tune effect" is obscured and lost in the crowd of accompanying tunes. - "Memories of a Musical Life", William Mason.
  3. What I choose to do by way of exercising my own sympathies under my own reason and conscience is one thing; what another man forces me to do of a sympathetic character, because his reason and conscience approve of it, is quite another thing. - "What Social Classes Owe to Each Other", William Graham Sumner.

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