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Spell check of executing

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Correct spelling:
killing (verb)
smothering, smiting, dispatching, drowning, suffocating, doing in, eliminating, exterminating, icing, hanging, putting to sleep, assassinating, murdering, removing, chilling, snuffing, slaughtering, strangling, liquidating, slaying, butchering, asphyxiating, putting down, massacring, killing, sacrificing, purging, doing away with.
causing (verb)
originating, producing, engendering, causing, inducing, giving rise to, motivating, driving, enforcing, forcing, effecting, engineering, making, acting, eliciting, bringing about, provoking, inspiring, generating, evoking.
completing (verb)
completing, terminating, ending, culminating, integrating, consummating, finalizing, finishing, fulfilling, filling, unifying, closing, concluding, achieving, arriving, accomplishing, graduating.
controlling (verb)
steering, supervising, directing, leading, superintending, presiding, ruling, ordering, dominating, harnessing, piloting, governing, managing, bridling, administering, controlling, commanding, disciplining, overseeing.
effecting (verb)
achieving, bringing about.
producing (verb)
mothering, fathering, forming, generating, manufacturing, producing, creating, making, developing, inventing, building, fabricating, originating, constructing, cultivating.
acting (verb)
performing, operating, laboring, comporting, behaving, exercising, perpetrating, reacting, doing, moving, working, acting, conducting, appearing, transacting, functioning, endeavoring, officiating.
punishing (verb)
reprising, judging, avenging, chastening, persecuting, keelhauling, castigating, crucifying, imprisoning, agonizing, distressing, sentencing, disciplining, penalizing, incarcerating, correcting, fining, punishing, burdening, anguishing, pillorying, confining, chastising, torturing, afflicting, trying, lambasting.
Other synonyms:
death penalty, execution of instrument, carrying out, execution, capital punishment, instruction execution, carrying into action, writ of execution, performance, implementation, murder.
Examples of usage:
  1. was in the act of executing the with his partner, who continued to second him as best she could. Cherami chaloupe - "Monsieur Cherami", Charles Paul de Kock.
  2. The plan will develop further in the executing of it. - "Flamsted quarries", Mary E. Waller.
  3. None could blame him for executing the commands she gave him. - "The Sea-Hawk", Raphael Sabatini.

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