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Spell check of excrete

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Correct spelling:
To separate for discharge from the body.
discharge (verb)
discharge, extravasate, exude, effuse, clear, evacuate, eliminate, transude, ejaculate, emit, secrete.
excrete (verb)
exude, emit, ejaculate, discharge, secrete, eliminate, evacuate.
reject (verb)
cull, exclude, erupt, disallow, deny, junk, reject, exhaust, discharge, ejaculate, lop, deep-six, curtail, disapprove, snip, clip, shed, spew, bar, cut, oppugn, vomit, excise, jettison, abandon, scrap, exude, chop, jilt, secrete, disgorge, disclaim, crop, check, trash, vent, belch, discard, blackball, blacklist, eliminate, shear, drain, eject, evacuate, emit, seep.
waste (verb)
despoil, leak, slop, waste, deject.
Other synonyms:
egest, eliminate, pass.
Examples of usage:
  1. There is something there that seizes hold of the droplets of oil by means of little extruded processes, and then passes them through its own body to excrete them on an inner surface into the blood- vessels. - "The Breath of Life", John Burroughs.
  2. These leaves either from lack of other sustenance in so barren a soil, or more probably as an advance in plant evolution to a higher grade of development, excrete a sticky moisture or dew, which entangles unwary flies settling on the plant, and which serves to digest these victims therewith. - "Herbal Simples Approved for Modern Uses of Cure", William Thomas Fernie.

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