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Correct spelling:
Act of exchanging; barter; difference in the value of currencies; place where merchants meet.
To give or leave for something else; to barter.
market (noun)
counter, bureau, supermarket, department store, establishment, bazaar, chain, office, grocery, stall, market place, store, mart, warehouse, convenience store, depot, stock exchange, market, emporium, shop, fair.
retaliate (verb)
retribute, redress, repay, reprise, retort, revenge, counteract, retaliate, countercharge, respond, avenge, reciprocate, return fire, counter, counterblow.
business (noun)
situation, calling, interest, commission, establishment, selling, barter, activity, livelihood, holding, market, transaction, commerce, negotiation, proprietorship, industry, assignment, busy work, posting, position, consortium, venture, affair, concern, retailing, management, occupation, merchant, enterprise, corporation, career, job, employment, labor, vocation, firm, station, partnership, profession, service, specialty, business, company, practice, trade.
retaliation (noun)
return, reparation, response, revenge, counterblow, vengeance, retort, reciprocation, retribution, retaliation, reprisal, countercharge, counteraction.
barter (verb)
traffic, interchange, bargain, transfer, trade, haggle, barter, deal, swap.
transfer (verb)
sell, grant, change hands, assign, transfer, consign, hand over.
substitute (verb)
swap, represent, second, subrogate, supplant, trade, commute, supersede, imitate, substitute, alternate, replace, switch, change, displace.
substitution (noun)
switch, substitution, alternative, trade, swap, subrogation, displacement, replacement, supersession.
barter (noun)
traffic, interchange, bargain, transfer, trade, free trade, barter, deal, swap.
Other synonyms:
fire, cross-selling, denominate, transmute, deepen, deputize, convince, confrontation, bandy, deputise, counterchange, examine, discourse, caller ID, survey, stare, tit for tat, look around, switch, convert, basket, decimalize, common currency, flip, multination, churn rate, bureau de change, rallying, telephone exchange, substitution, replacing, fire fight, fight, transfigure, crossfire, courtesy phone, take in, rally, dispute, cold call, currency, mass meeting, inquest, reciprocity, transform, metamorphose, give, credit rating, pass on, call center, blue pages, change over, quid pro quo, commentary, throw, supercede, argument, inspect, catch up, fusillade, change, talks, engage someone in conversation, alter, direct marketing, truck, the international community, rap, call forwarding, dicker, commutation, shift, see, correspondence, misunderstanding, step in, transpose, intergovernmental, friendship, base currency, vary, pass the time of day (with someone), transposition, detail, debate, give-and-take, win over, kiosk, trade in, talk, discharge, interchange, central, outlet, friendly, back-and-forth, call waiting, stand in, BT, supervene upon, call, multinational, permutation, answering service, gaze, look, international relations, trade-off, call divert, buyer's market, cover, friend, quarrel, a war of words, colloquy, fall into conversation, friendly fire, disagreement, modify, interdependence, get into conversation (with someone), swop, exploration, convertible, re-sentencing, revision, commuting, shuffle, permute, customer care, return the compliment, dialogue, point of sale, conflict, converse, veer, decimalise, diversify, controversy, fill in, turn, discussion, in consideration of something, check on, tack, aftermarket, consultation, rearrangement, switch over, drive-by, qualify, sub, flip-flop, chat, the global village, parlour, commute, put back, chat line.
Examples of usage:
  1. Again, the Sun had the two men exchange places. - "The Sun Dance of the Blackfoot Indians", Clark Wissler.
  2. She agreed, instantly, to this exchange, and I showed her how to hold and manage the gun. - "A Jolly Fellowship", Frank R. Stockton.
  3. I only asked a little of his wealth in exchange for his life. son's - "Norston's Rest", Ann S. Stephens.

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