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Spell check of exceed

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Correct spelling:
To go beyond; surpass.
excel (verb)
predominate, excel, outdo, surpass, best, transcend, outstrip, eclipse, overshadow, outperform, outclass, cap, beat.
exceed (verb)
overkill, inundate, deluge, overdose, engulf, overrun, glut, overindulge.
exceeded (verb)
overkill, inundate, deluge, overdose, engulf, overrun, glut, overindulge.
Other synonyms:
excess, outshine, leave behind, blow over, overhaul, kick the bucket, reach, buy the farm, go on, go too far, go through, pass over, be ahead of the game, cut out, egest, overdo, top out, fall out, snuff it, overstep, be an inspiration to someone, subdue, devolve, make a favorable impression (on someone), get the better of, knock your socks off, pinch, occur, pass, slip away, glide by, happen, trump, carry all before one, outrun, put across, exit, slide by, go, scale, overshoot, break, have it all over, give-up the ghost, overwhelm, go beyond, go across, elapse, lapse, pass by, gain the upper hand, overreach, outrun, top, top off, outmatch, go by, overpass, sink, stand out, choke, make pass, guide, outdistance, hand, surpass, authorise, distance, give, outreach, have the edge on, outdo, evanesce, conk, transgress, slip by, outrival, transcend, eliminate, fade, outflank, meet one at every turn, break the record, beat the wind out of, perish, break the ... barrier, crown, take your breath away, gain the ascendancy, have the advantage, make it, drop dead, put someone/something in the shade, run, overtop, clear, lead, turn over, communicate, pass away, edge out, commend itself (to someone), authorize, fleet, legislate, get the drop on, pass along, be really/quite something, outpace, expire, pass on, tower, master, travel by, croak, come about, better, trespass, go along, get the best of, decease, rank out, return, fall, overtake, go past, have the jump on, run circles around, have it on, extend, big, rise above, surmount, outgo, die, excrete, scoop, outgun, outstrip, better, make an impression, outvie, cash in one's chips, pass off, beat to the draw, spend, litter, take place, pop off, get the bulge on, outshine, draw, hap, hold aces, overcome, get over, abound, infest.
Examples of usage:
  1. Nothing could exceed his delight at what he saw in this part of our country. - "The Pedler of Dust Sticks", Eliza Lee Follen.
  2. The results accomplished by Worcester with all these people simply exceed belief. Mr. - "The Head Hunters of Northern Luzon From Ifugao to Kalinga A Ride Through the Mountains of Northern Luzon With an Appendix on the Independence of the Philippines", Cornelis De Witt Willcox.
  3. The time of holding the breath is not, at the outset, to exceed four seconds, and the student must never, on any account, fatigue himself with these exercises; they may, however, be frequently repeated at intervals. - "The Mechanism of the Human Voice", Emil Behnke.

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