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debauching, ill-using, maltreating, defiling, debasing, ill-treating, desecrating, violating, degrading, despoiling, misusing. trespassing, maltreating, committing, wronging, transgressing, infringing, doing wrong, encroaching, perpetrating.


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Spell check of exacting

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Correct spelling:
severe (adjective)
stark, austere, curt, dry, imperial, acrimonious, raw, acerbic, frosty, meticulous, demanding, piquant, Draconian, unbending, critical, disciplined, intense, ascetic, abrupt, cool, intolerant, blunt, prudish, rigid, acute, fundamental, grim, relentless, short, stiff-necked, brisk, obdurate, oppressive, precise, dour, chilly, stern, harsh, lean, hidebound, severe, inflexible, authoritarian, sharp, uncompromising, correct, keen, Spartan, crisp, obstinate, caustic, gruff, brusque, spare, rigorous, bleak, puritanical, cutting, strait-laced, icy, strict, stringent, tart, basic, astringent, censorious.
fastidious (adjective)
discriminating, fastidious, meticulous, hypercritical, methodical, diligent, particular, demanding, proper, severe, conscientious, fussy, rigorous, critical, mincing, finicky, Epicurean, squeamish, flawless, discerning, dainty, literal, picky, accurate, qualmish, persnickety, prudish, scrupulous, careful, delicate, correct, choosy, punctilious, perspicacious, precise, priggish, prim.
vigilant (adjective)
fussy, mindful, heedful, precise, thoughtful, finical, sharp-eyed, meticulous, thorough, alert, regardful, conscientious, fastidious, prudent, scrupulous, particular, careful, vigilant, guarded, attentive, diligent, strict, cautious, watchful, prepared, responsible, observant, provident, ready.
Other synonyms:
imperious, fastidious, classically, lordly, domineering, study at onerous, sweaty, arrogant, overbearing, complicated, instant, stern, punishing, accept, trying, formidable, hellacious, low, controlling, tyrannical, difficult, bossy, supreme, dictatorial, coercive, onerous, compulsory, irresponsible, taxing, rough, imperative, brassbound, weighty, intrusive, unappeasable, easy, inexorable, on someone's back, murderous, strenuous, autocratic, pernickety, grueling, insistent, above, classical, strict, average, uphill, backbreaking, heavy, absolute, unequivocal, testing, cast-iron, positive, standard, killer, toilsome, old-maidish, fussbudgety, arduous, clamant, despotic, moiling, burdensome, Augean, interfering, difficult, unrelenting, onerous, unconditional, haughty, hard, prescriptive, compulsive, commanding, high, tall, nonindulgent, tough, effortful, hard-and-fast, crying, unforgiving, challenging, nice, be an effort, meddlesome, peremptory, arbitrary, unyielding, dogmatic, hard-line, authoritative, exigent, advanced, demanding, pick-and-shovel, grueling, herculean, rugged, challenging, finicking, killing, laborious, stiff, toilsome.
Examples of usage:
  1. She was all the more exacting towards herself. - "The Dop Doctor", Clotilde Inez Mary Graves.
  2. It was that of a well- educated man, and the were exacting in such matters. Jernynghams - "Prescott of Saskatchewan", Harold Bindloss.
  3. Fate would go on exacting the penalty for ever- first the destruction of her own happiness, then that of Eliot and of Ann. - "The Vision of Desire", Margaret Pedler.

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