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relating, wedding, allying, connecting, splicing, marrying, merging, coupling, annexing, clinging, juxtaposing, bonding, consolidating, adhering, abutting, affixing, affiliating, amalgamating, joining. assigning, referring, casting, branding, placing, blaming, connecting, crediting, imputing, citing, setting, ascribing, attributing, acknowledging, applying, accrediting, marking. splicing, wedding, binding, fastening, sticking, merging, relating, joining, clinging, coupling, marrying, connecting, hitching, adhering, abutting, annexing, affixing, bonding, juxtaposing. accompanying, escorting, garnishing, adding, accessorizing, chaperoning, affixing, supplementing, adorning, attending, seconding.


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Spell check of even

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Correct spelling:
a evenness.
Even; y.
Exactly; indeed; so much as; still.
Level; smooth; parallel; equal; not odd.
flat (adjective)
prairie-like, level, flush, flat, tabular, horizontal, planar.
mild (adjective)
soft, quiet, charitable, forbearing, tolerant, cordial, genial, gentle, kind, insipid, moderate, benevolent, libertarian, open-minded, broad-minded, sweet, peaceful, tender, lenient, permissive, benign, amiable, mild, liberal, lax, peaceable, meek, clement.
smooth (adjective)
frictionless, glossy, velvety, satiny, edgeless, slilken, marble, streamlined, flat, shiny, slick, sleek, level, slippery, slithery, smooth, glassy, varnished, silky, glazed, lacquered, polished, satin-smooth, burnished.
equal (adjective)
balanced, equivalent, square.
continuous (adjective)
unchanging, nonstop, uniform, consistent, homogeneous, cyclical, constant, perennial, perpetual, interminable, consecutive, repeated, straight, repetitive, unvarying, regular, connected, unending, lasting, continual, unceasing, unchangeable, persistent, monotonous, robot-like, invariable, sequential, gapless, incessant, steady, endless, ceaseless, featureless, flat, unbroken, monolithic, habitual, everlasting, recurrent, un-intermittent, unremitting, indefatigable, undeviating, undying, coherent, continuous, level, continuing, seamless.
gradual (adjective)
gentle, gradual, imperceptible, moderate, easy.
flatten (verb)
smooth, grade, compress, level, deflate, squish, flatten, plane.
horizontal (adjective)
horizontal, planar, flat, level.
smooth (verb)
flatten, silken, burnish, level, grind, plane, slick, smooth, glaze, gloss, sand, polish.
uniform (adjective)
equable, assonant, uniform, homogeneous, level, alike, consistent, steady, monolithic, undeviating, same, undiversified, seamless, unvarying, consonant, indistinguishable, undifferentiated, regular, invariable, unbroken, like.
Other synonyms:
blunt, is that a fact?, redden, so far, dismantle, in time, regular, you would not believe, flatbottom, square, now I've seen everything/it all, indeed, level, day, unbalanced, bedtime, nonetheless, at a time, duplicate, purge, awfully, however, scour, bloody, raze, actively, deadlock, evenhanded, changeless, quits, calm, double-digit, quantitative, rigid, annualized, final, plain, detached, of all things/people/places, coequal, nevertheless, same old, same old, fifty-fifty, composed, whatever happens, charge, relatively, any, tear down, underlying, cushion, exact, unruffled, for good, notwithstanding, bury, identical, at ease, daylight, actual, calculable, chronological, aggregate, unflappable, attack, who would have thought...?, afternoon, flatbottomed, sluice, heretofore, straight, as yet, quantifiable, neither win nor lose, even out, veritable, firm, decimal, chequered, moreover, hitherto, round, chilled, stock-still, next to, even-tempered, all, evening, despite, point, whereas, e'en, awful, afternoons, cool, take down, candy-striped, laid-back, assist, chalk something up, eve, nonchalant, easygoing, cool-headed, flat, withal, all the same, yet, counterbalance, compared with/to, rase, for all, until now, thus far, relative, equal, dappled, binary, hexadecimal, plane, darkness, pull down, compensate, tie, too, likewise, even so, checkered, up to now, heavens above, collected, invariant, fair, precise, equivalent, tied, imperturbable, justified, than, still, eventide, til now, symmetric, indivisible, checkerboard, crimson, by/in contrast, unconstipated, average, true, broken, make up, pay, you don't say, Well, I never, the... the..., divisible, balanced, interchangeable, at one with, possessed, tantamount, relaxed, funnily enough, level off, irreversible, concede, even off, equitable, all of something, crisscross, also, actually, sheer, entirely, blush, another, symmetrical, smoothly, e'er, checked, daytime, flush, unwavering, different, correct, seen against something, quit, even up.
Examples of usage:
  1. I do not even know his name. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.
  2. Even when you first heard of it? - "The Desire of the Moth; and The Come On", Eugene Manlove Rhodes.
  3. " Even so, Monsieur," he said. - "The Red Cockade", Stanley J. Weyman.

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