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Spell check of erect

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Correct spelling:
To set upright; build; establish.
Upright; firm; bold.
elevate (verb)
escalate, rise, elevate, levitate, hoist, lift, uplift, upraise, exalt, heighten, rear, raise.
vertical (adjective)
upright, steep, perpendicular, longitudinal, vertical, sheer, up-and-down.
Other synonyms:
provide, start off, contribute, stand-up, abide, tin, resurrect, endure, intumescent, impenetrable, rampant, uprear, create, tack, invent, vertical, spreadeagled, solid, nurture, ensnare, parent, offer, brook, straight, make, grow, frame, rig, house, put, stomach, upstanding, prepare, can, upgrade, stir, unsloped, install, straight-backed, set, leaven, unbent, enhance, effectuate, fix, bring up, set off, knee-deep, ready, kick upstairs, stick out, declamatory, inaugurate, go up, launch, conjure, build, farm, turgid, conjure up, orotund, passant, raise, put up, inflexible, tolerate, advance, hard, bear, evoke, bombastic, bring about, promote, orthostatic, arouse, on tiptoe(s), standing up, tack together, establish, trigger, statant, found, tumid, put in, order, pitch, prove, gear up, get up, support, rise up, horizontal, post, set up, construct, instal, rearing, tumescent, provoke, domiciliate, produce, digest, suffer, firm, large, call forth, piece, nominate, enkindle, erectile, fire, elicit, throw up, catalyze, on your feet, packed, good, unyielding, invoke, puffy, unbowed, rear, just, kindle, raised, (with) arms akimbo, fastigiate, put forward, recruit, extend, rigid, form, entrap, upright, stand, plumb, lay out, arrange, standing, levy, assemble, effect, call down, rock-hard, stiff, put together.
Examples of usage:
  1. She did not, however, say her prayers that night, or for many a right to come; and when, at church, name occurred in the Service, she held her head erect, and shut the ears and eyes of her soul. Christ's - "The Getting of Wisdom", Henry Handel Richardson.
  2. Enoch slowly pushed himself erect. - "The Enchanted Canyon", Honoré Willsie Morrow.
  3. Bowing slightly, he stood erect just within the door. - "The Panchronicon", Harold Steele Mackaye.

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