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unclad, denude, divest, undress, expose, strip, shed, unclothe, disrobe, bare. shuck, shell, cover, study at skin, husk, peeling. skin, pillage, take off, crumble, rind, Robert Peel, hull, disintegrate, flake, struggle, foray, splinter, flesh, fragment, desquamate, smash, pare, surface, bruising, ransack, scrape, trim, sputter, bake, rifle, pelt, discase, flake off, extract, shinny, reave, peel off, disrobe, remove, carve, uncase, blanch, leach, weed out, clean, bone, break up, unclothe, deprive, Sir Robert Peel, clamber, shatter, take, strip down, core, butcher, butter, dextrose, nectar, flay, break, butchery, pectin, undress, chill, plunder, bark, denudate, scramble, cutis, get out, dismantle, disinvest, beat, shin, juice, pare down, tegument, hide, peelings, dislodge, flay, loot, whittle, despoil, blend, strip, clear, fall apart, sweep away, hull, flush out.


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Spell check of equitable

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Correct spelling:
just (adjective)
lawful, equable, fair, square, good, just, honorable, right, even-handed, due.
Other synonyms:
indifferent, impartial, ingenuous, impartial, reasonable, equal, just, objective, upright, trustworthy, candid, unbiased, disinterested, frank, trusty, even, legitimate, evenhanded, honest, accepted, same, independent, decent, faithful, fair-minded, nonpartisan, natural, unprejudiced, straightforward, dispassionate, genuine, equal, sincere, true.
Examples of usage:
  1. Therefore the most equitable division would be that the mother should take two- sevenths, the son four- sevenths, and the daughter one- seventh. - "Amusements in Mathematics", Henry Ernest Dudeney.
  2. It was an equitable claim. - "The Great Events by Famous Historians, Vol. 17", Charles Francis Horne.
  3. It determines a question of original right between two classes of persons- doing an act of justice to one, and restraining the other from acts of injustice; or, in other words, preventing one from robbing the other, by granting to the injured party the protection of just and equitable laws. - "The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus", American Anti-Slavery Society.

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