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Spell check of entices

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Correct spelling:
coaxes (verb)
charms, persuades, seduces, coaxes, cajoles, induces, enlists, urges, convinces, implores, sways.
rewards (verb)
tempts, sweetens, pays, compensates, remunerates, rewards, grants, honors, gives, induces, awards, tips, lures, treats.
appeals (verb)
approaches, solicits, entreats, buttonholes, requests, beseeches, implores, invites, petitions, greets, supplicates, applies, begs, addresses, appeals, accosts, pleads.
endears (verb)
serenades, charms, caresses, hugs, courts, snuggles, fondles, makes love, ogles, woos, seduces, cherishes, romances, flirts, coddles, nuzzles, bills and coos, endears, dallies, spoons, kisses, cuddles.
attracts (verb)
magnetizes, drags, enchants, pulls, attracts, seduces, invites, charms, lures, engrosses, draws, captivates, allures.
seduces (verb)
lures, tempts, invites, seduces.
persuades (verb)
coaxes, sways, allures, induces, indoctrinates, influences, tempts, wins over, convinces, enlists, sells, persuades.
motivates (verb)
thrusts, foments, throws, impels, shoves, pitches, nudges, motivates, pokes, hurtles, lobs, pushes, punches, triggers, jostles, urges, jerks, inspires, shoots, knocks, stimulates, strikes, jogs, flings, fires, drives, induces, instigates, provokes, propels, encourages, hastens, ferments, hurls, moves, catapults, energizes, prompts, forces, launches, rams, jolts, heaves, prods, goads, slings, bumps, magnetizes.
Examples of usage:
  1. This entices to the field many a child, who does not return home, and forgets his friends. mother's - "Pictures of German Life in the XVth XVIth and XVIIth Centuries, Vol. II.", Gustav Freytag.
  2. This same little Lydie entices my actors into her dressing- room, and then all of a sudden she screams out that she is being outraged in order to get hush- money out of them. - "A Mummer's Tale", Anatole France.
  3. He redeemed and inspires and entices to follow Him. us, us - "The Universe a Vast Electric Organism", George Woodward Warder.

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