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Spell check of end

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Correct spelling:
Extreme point; close; ultimate object; death.
To bring to an end.
To come to an end; terminate.
limit (verb)
rim, limit, border, restrain, bound, terminate, edge, restrict.
end (verb)
stop, terminate, culminate, cease, finish, finalize, pass on, checkmate, conclude, exit, close, decease, pass away, accomplish, complete, cap, wrap up, halt, expire, die.
end (noun)
closing, cessation, termination, completion, death, accomplishment, checkmate, finis, ending, halt, expiration, terminal, finale, windup, close, conclusion, period, exit, culmination, finish, demise.
die (verb)
decease, pass on, cease, fall, expire, part, perish, succumb, depart, die, pass away, pass.
ceases (verb)
culminate, suspend, interrupt, halt, stop, discontinue, quit, refrain, remit, pause, terminate, close, desist, break, cease, abandon, stay.
stop (verb)
stop, hold, cease, pause, freeze, terminate, halt, stay.
back (noun)
rear, hindmost, back, aftermost, tail, bottom, posterior.
complete (verb)
complete, terminate, execute, culminate, integrate, consummate, finalize, finish, fulfill, fill, unify, close, conclude, achieve, arrive, accomplish, graduate.
death (noun)
passing, parting, expiration, cessation, extinction, fatality, decease, demise, death, dissolution, annihilation, quietus, ending, release.
limit (noun)
rim, zenith, bounds, edge, terminus, maximum, restriction, fringe, confines, deadline, limitation, cutoff, extremity, apex, acme, boundary, border, brink, limit.
completion (noun)
fruition, finish, culmination, achievement, execution, finale, climax, completion, arrival, conclusion, accomplishment, fulfillment, consummation, termination.
cessation (noun)
stay, ending, hiatus, stoppage, cessation, termination, pause, discontinuance, standstill, interruption, halt, closure, abandonment.
cease (verb)
culminate, suspend, interrupt, halt, stop, discontinue, quit, refrain, remit, pause, terminate, close, desist, break, cease, abandon, stay.
Other synonyms:
involvement, nullify, residuum, allowance, nose, skirting, shutdown, extreme, brim, carry, outcome, perfection, portion, verge, aspiration, frame, curtain, extend, beginning, bowl, expiration, residue, period, cusp, sack, call a halt (to something), wipeout, overthrow, block up, demolition, terminate, mortality, bevel, baseline, expiry, fire, sleep, remove, balance, ideal, uttermost, American football, length, stop over, tip, come to, final stage, death rate, residual, corner, fulfilment, surcease, cobbler's last, finish, polish off, last, endgame, lapse, stump, entry, why, intent, branch off, fragment, top, expire, swan song, allotment, oddity, dream, target date, arrest, perimeter, grave, consequence, determination, take, set aside, result, termination, effect, base, force out, ceiling, tail end, morbidity, check, motive, ending, proscribe, the box, wind up, destruction, home stretch, motivation, subvert, connect, completion, stopping point, result, cause, abrogate, payoff, reverse, occasion, decision, consummation, participation, tag end, epilogue, pretension, proportion, quota, contain, in justification of something, wind down, clear, compass, suppress, butt, performance, tip, eat up, give notice, quit, devastation, displace, curtains, finish up, lay off, confine, blockade, barricade, accomplishment, middle, peculiarity, help, limit, issue, ort, pike, block, annul, give the sack, supplant, goal, conclusion, curio, closedown, cradle, offset, can, upshot, aim, purpose, cattle auction, shoemaker's last, limited, desist, intention, arrestment, finish, closing, end of the line, AstroTurf, prohibit, intention, conversion kick, dust trap, retirement, revoke, capper, borderline, hem, bootleg, engagement, continue, shutting, curiosity, point, block off, denouement, death, send away, intercept, adjournment, fag end, ambition, passage, edging, remainder, terminus, exclusion, bump, design, bound, give the axe, give up, withdrawal, attainment, dying, turn back, obliterate, finish with, divide, mop up, oddment, bottom line, scrap, leftover, kibosh, death throes, repeal, reason, shard, effect, cease, annihilate, rest, carry through, eradicate, land up, exterminate, bleachers, intrusion, anchorage, alley, object, doom, clay, destroy, head, shutoff, depot, slice, line, conclude, center of excellence, get through, remnant, thing, bring something to an end/a close/a halt, idea, join, bend, backfield, close, cut, piece, extent, pole, round off, participate, bourne, precede, utmost, grand finale, end up, cease, ground, interference, diverge, the bench, complete, close, object, discontinuation, aerie, crease, planned, finis, bar, blitz, outcome, excuse, break off, abolish, abate, aim, stop, finale, extirpate, difference, rarity, target, realization, dismiss, arrangement, ascend, ratiocination, end zone, closing curtain, view, intent, nib, boundary, court, stamp out, Dodge City, goal, margin, intervention, dumping ground, objective, pretext, purpose, conclusion, purpose, circumference, center, terminate, destination, disaster area, achievement, periphery, stake, call it a day/night, bifurcate, start, death toll, plan, fetch up, great divide, skirt, stub, point, hold on, cessation, fate, mark, bereavement, extremity, hold back, stop, meaning, design.
Examples of usage:
  1. There, an end to it." there's - "The Star-Gazers", George Manville Fenn.
  2. But it will be all right in the end, I've doubt. no - "The Captives", Hugh Walpole.
  3. And that is the reason I know that this is the end, for you and me! - "Then I'll Come Back to You", Larry Evans.

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