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Correct spelling:
Containing nothing; without effect; unsubstantial.
To discharge its contents.
To make empty; remove the contents of.
dry (verb)
swab, suck dry, parch, dehydrate, dehumidify, evaporate, vaporize, wipe, drain, pump out, wring out, blot, desiccate, catheterize, wither, mop, dry, stanch.
unsubstantial (adjective)
vacant, vacuous, insignificance, ethereal, tenuous, spectral, unsubstantial, illusory, inessential, null, immaterial, intangible, unreal, apparitional, impalpable, chimerical, weightless, unconcrete, phantasmal, nonexistence.
leave (verb)
vacate, evacuate, absent, leave, abstract, void, depart, omit.
absent (adjective)
vacant, no-show, gone, nonexistent, away, truant, departed, abstract, void, absent, wanting, lacking, out, omitted, missing, elsewhere.
enervate (verb)
sap, enervate, debilitate, exhaust, dissipate, tap, drain, fatigue.
unsubstantiate (verb)
disappear, disintegrate, nullify, vacate, annihilate.
nonexistent (adjective)
vacant, devoid, non-subsistent, void, nonexistent, unexisting, null, vacuous, meaningless, barren.
Other synonyms:
unresponsive, on my honor, full, void of, unprofitable, vacate, destitute of, unload, assoil, overturn, unproductive, drop off, faulty, derelict, desert, void, deflate, forsake, channel, hungry, pillaged, set down, expressionless, vacant, vacuous, pathetic, invalidate, false, pointless, desolate, dash, as good as your word, rescind, course, ineffectual, exonerate, purposeless, junky, drop, tip, dispatch, exculpate, catch, complete, inane, peckish, looted, deserted, emotionless, meaningless, empty-headed, lifeless, deprived of, tip up, fire, break, empty-handed, avoid, fatuous, leisure, devoid of, evacuate, empty of, empty-bellied, blank, profitless, broken, cast up, hollow, clean, neutral, mindless, white, unsuccessful, famished, impassive, give up, put down, waste, reverse, innocent, vain, unpack, uncrowded, chaffy, crest, starving, go off, catatonic, defective, abandon, toom, restrained, bootless, ineffective, countermand, depleted, cross your heart (and hope to die), inefficient, stripped, glazed, plundered, come in, negative, resign, clear, controlled, glassy, insincere, asinine, my word is my bond, stark, muster out, abandoned, stolid, free, senseless, renounce, revoke, quash, futile, open, acquit, useless, annul, deadpan, bereft of, unoccupied, inexpressive, deepen, discharge, undemonstrative, ransacked, inefficacious, worthless, uninhabited, no-good, bare, exhausted, passive, untenanted, filled, eject, burst, unfilled, destitute, turn out, starved, release, idle, expel, otiose, valueless, repeal, unemotional, vitiate, unavailing, lift, abortive, drained, unemployed, innocent of, solemn, unfrequented, barren of, numb, fruitless, emptied.
Examples of usage:
  1. The hall was almost empty, and she wasn't anywhere in sight at all; but I found her just outside the door. - "Mary Marie", Eleanor H. Porter.
  2. So the prince had to go away empty- handed. - "Fairy Tales of the Slav Peasants and Herdsmen", Alexander Chodsko.
  3. But her hand came away empty. - "The Mystery of the Hasty Arrow", Anna Katharine Green.

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