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Spell check of Elsa

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Correct spelling:
Examples of usage:
  1. " Little Elsa has taught me better. – Little Tora, The Swedish Schoolmistress and Other Stories by Mrs. Woods Baker
  2. There he would sit alone, with his wine jar and cup, and he would drink the first and second and third in silence, to the good speed of Elsa, his late departed wife. – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  3. Elsa asks her fateful question, and the enchantment is gone. – Floyd Grandon's Honor by Amanda Minnie Douglas
  4. Lacking the stateliness of a Spanish beauty, and the coarse fulness of outline which has always been admired in the Netherlands, Elsa was still without doubt a beautiful woman, though how much of her charm was owing to her bodily attractions, and how much to her vivacious mien and to a certain stamp of spirituality that was set upon her face in repose, and looked out of her clear large eyes when she was thoughtful, it would not be easy to determine. – Lysbeth A Tale Of The Dutch by H. Rider Haggard
  5. As she said the words, a great gray man stood before her; he was wrapped in a strange gray cloak that covered him from head to foot; and he smiled at Elsa. – Stories to Tell to Children by Sara Cone Bryant