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Spell check of effective

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Correct spelling:
Causing something; serviceable.
utilizable (adjective)
commodious, expedient, effectual, handy, utilitarian, beneficial, suitable, employable, useful, advantageous, practical, appropriate, available, multipurpose, serviceable, functional, applicable, utilizable, convenient, all-purpose, at hand, usable, applied, versatile, helpful, reusable, fitting, instrumental, practicable.
authoritative (adjective)
potent, imperious, consequential, important, authoritative, masterful, autocratic, authoritarian, powerful, arrogant, strong, dictatorial, influential, impressive, effectual, commanding.
causative (adjective)
motivational, causative, formative, responsible, generative, influential, germinal, pivotal, executive, causal.
effective (adjective)
fruitful, resultant, consequential, productive.
expedient (adjective)
suitable, convenient, efficient, timely, advantageous, useful, fit, commodious, opportune, expedient, desirable, apt, accommodating.
Other synonyms:
effectively, satisfying, antitrust, deciding, capable, factual, striking, rough-and-ready, sure-enough, situated, forceful, forcible, producing the expected result, forensic, convincing, existent, sound, dynamical, yielding, fateful, genuine, actual, operational, compelling, common law, sufficient, unique, paradise, impressive, enabling, competent, real, in force, very, true, producing the desired result, persuasive, circumstantial, civil, adequate, thrive, high-powered, impelling, be better/worse off, dynamic, forceful, extraterritorial, legal, vigorous, worthwhile, in effect, hard-hitting, criminally, criminal, extrajudicial, valuable, efficient, active, be, face to face, effectual, conclusive, operative, trenchant, driving, undecided, decisive, valid, cogent, telling, efficacious, de facto, concrete, good.
Examples of usage:
  1. An old, old device of art; and yet always effective, one of the most effective! - "They Call Me Carpenter", Upton Sinclair.
  2. Therefore, in matter, the statement is the form of address now most effective. - "The Young Man and the World", Albert J. Beveridge.
  3. Effective in their way, but their cry, " A little less injustice, please," seemed timid to Yetta. - "Comrade Yetta", Albert Edwards.

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