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Spell check of eating

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Correct spelling:
The ancient Hebrews would not eat with the Egyptians ( Genesis 43:32 ). In the time of our Lord they would not eat with Samaritans ( John 4:9 ), and were astonished that he ate with publicans and sinners ( Matthew 9:11 ). The Hebrews originally sat at table, but afterwards adopted the Persian and Chaldean practice of reclining ( Luke 7:36-50 ). Their principal meal was at noon ( Genesis 43:16 ; 1 Kings 20:16 ; Ruth 2:14 ; Luke 14:12 ). The word " eat" is used metaphorically in Jeremiah 15:16 ; Ezekiel 3:1 ; Revelation 10:9 . In John 6:53-58 , " eating and drinking" means believing in Christ. Women were never present as guests at meals ( q.v.).


feeding, foraging, Battening, Champing, Gnawing, Pasturing, Ruminating, Cropping, uprooting.
eating, feeding.
burning, consuming, damage, decrease, depletion, desolation, destruction, devastation, diminution, dispersion, dissipation, drinking, eating, exhaustion, expenditure, loss, misuse, ruin, using up, utilization, waste, wear and tear, Swallowing.
biting, chewing, consumption, devouring, dining, gluttony, overindulgence, Gobbling, Masticating, Munching, Nibbling, snacking, binging, feasting on, feeding on, gorging on, having a meal, pigging out, stuffing oneself, gourmandization.
banquet, barbecue, board, bread, breakfast, consumption, cuisine, dinner, drink, fare, feast, feed, food, foodstuff, grub, ingestion, lunch, meal, meat, morsel, nutriment, picnic, repast, snack, spread, sustenance, taste.
annoy, bait, bug, bully, goad, harass, harry, hassle, heckle, hound, needle, nudge, pester, plague, ride, tease, torment, work on, Importune, insist on, give the business, eat*.
champ, chaw, chomp, clamp, crunch, crush, cut, eat, hold, lacerate, nip, pierce, pinch, rend, seize, sever, snap, taste, tooth, wound, chaw on, take a chunk out of.
afflict, aggravate, agitate, alarm, badger, bedevil, bore, browbeat, concern, cross, discommode, disconcert, disgust, dismay, displease, disquiet, distress, disturb, embarrass, exacerbate, exasperate, grieve, hinder, hurt, impede, inconvenience, insult, irk, irritate, nag, pain, perplex, perturb, provoke, pursue, put out, scare, spite, tantalize, taunt, trouble, upset, vex, worry, carp at, pick on, molest, grate on, intrude upon.
banqueting, chewing, digestion, gluttony, overeating, overindulgence, Bolting, Masticating, Munching, Nibbling, noshing, binging, breaking bread, dining out, doing a meal full justice, eating out, enjoying a meal, enjoying a repast, feasting on, feeding on, gorging on, gourmandise, gulping down, having a bite, having a coffee, having a meal, having a snack, partaking of food, pigging out, putting on the feed bag, stuffing oneself, taking a lunch break, taking refreshment, taking tea.
annihilate, break, bulldoze, burst, decimate, defeat, devastate, dilapidate, dismantle, flatten, level, obliterate, overthrow, overturn, pulverize, raze, sink, smash, take apart, take out, tear down, torpedo, undo, wax, wrack, wreck, crack, knock down, put in toilet, wipe off map, trash*, total*.
appreciate, bolt, bolt down, destroy, drink in, enjoy, feed on, go through, gobble, gulp, guzzle, hoover, imbibe, inhale, ravage, relish, spend, stuff, take, use up, wipe out, wolf down, feast on, delight in, rejoice in, revel in, gloat over, be engrossed by, be preoccupied, do compulsively, do voraciously, scarf down, gorge*, wolf*.
absorb, attack, banquet, bite, break bread, breakfast, chew, condense, corrode, cram, crumble, decay, decompose, devour, digest, dine, disappear, disintegrate, dispatch, dispose of, dissipate, dissolve, drain, exhaust, feed, gnaw, gobble up, gorge, gormandize, ingest, liquefy, lunch, masticate, melt, munch, nibble, nosh, peck at, pick, pig out, polish off, put away, rot, ruminate, rust, scarf, scoff, snack, spill, squander, sup, vanish, wolf, take in, fall to, partake of, waste away, swallow, feast upon, have a meal, chow down, have a bite, have for, make pig of oneself, pork out, run through, take food, take nourishment, bolt*, graze*, inhale*.
biting, consuming, dining, drinking, feasting, feeding, lunching, supping, tasting, Breakfasting, Grubbing, Picnicking, snacking.
absorbing, accepting, acquiring, assimilating, devouring, getting, gulping, inhaling, inspiring, taking, Admitting, Engorging, Gobbling, Pocketing, Receiving, Swallowing, accessing, ingesting.
Examples of usage:
  1. " Some food she's been eating," said her nurse. – The Golden Scarecrow by Hugh Walpole
  2. He had been traversing the garden paths throughout the whole time they were eating. – The Great Mogul by Louis Tracy
  3. When he mentioned the subject of eating I found that I too was very hungry. – The Red Hand of Ulster by George A. Birmingham
  4. Eating too much would be as rude as not eating at all. – Life Blood by Thomas Hoover
  5. Marion heard it all while eating a luncheon. – Whispering Smith by Frank H. Spearman