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Spell check of due

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Correct spelling:
Owed; proper.
That which is owed, or one has a right to; fee; perquisite.
just (adjective)
lawful, equitable, fair, square, good, just, honorable, right, even-handed, equable.
expected (adjective)
expected, planned, promised, scheduled, anticipated.
ensuing (adjective)
impending, coming, ensuing, oncoming, eventual, future, forthcoming, looming, destined, approaching.
suitable (adjective)
proper, fit, deserved, adequate, rightful, enough, fitting.
Other synonyms:
well-earned, accept, lacking, direct, debit, gone, callable, suitable, condign, essential, possibly, undeserved, unsettled, anti-choice, directly, classic, scheduled, probable, owed, traditional, absent, missing, awaited, cod, birth, in absentia, merited, warranted, arrears, deserve, justified, lost, usual, fitting, from, justified, likely, bound, become payable, deadline, belong to, sure, closing date, surprise, bad debt, go over to, liability, dues, collectible, looked-for, awaited, bill, collect, unavailable, characteristic, reach maturity, chargeable, bear, probably, entrance, unpaid, proper, repayable, owed, rightful, owing, typical, straight, prototypical, sunset provision, delinquent, sell-by date, matured, collectable, admit, expected, timing, referable, unsettled, time limit, customary, fit, receivable, the afterbirth, deserving, unpaid, imputable, arrive, inaugurate, straightaway, appropriate, anticipated, antenatal, mature, ascribable, play date, baby shower, payable, competent, amniotic fluid, slated, competent, unattainable, misplaced, mature, warranted, certain, debt, dead, pay, outstanding, accrue, the last minute, baby blues, guaranteed, admission, slated, away, borrowings, archetypal, receivable, deserved, owing, home loan, balance, co-opt, payable, be owing, condign, amniocentesis, outstanding, due date, rate, overdue.
Examples of usage:
  1. You shall have all the details in due time, but now you must keep quiet." - "Bolanyo", Opie Percival Read.
  2. Seems to me you better wait till the due before you begin to worry, note's Mr. Selmer. - "The Thunder Bird", B. M. Bower.
  3. This was due more to what was said than how it was said. - "The Facts of Reconstruction", John R. Lynch.

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