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Spell check of drum

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Correct spelling:
Musical instrument of percussion; tympanum of the ear; revolving cylinder.
To beat a drunm.
rumble (verb)
throb, grumble, hum, rattle, rumble, thunder, chant, roll, clatter, reverberate, beat, drone, thrum, buzz, chatter.
cylinder (noun)
barrel, column, cylinder.
container (noun)
suitcase, barrel, bucket, bin, jar, bag, belly, closet, receptacle, trunk, cupboard, reservoir, pot, chest, bladder, case, pouch, bowl, ladle, cabinet, crate, flask, box, basket, can, tray, cask, cup, repository, vault, sack, stomach, locker, container, storage, shelf, holder, jug, vat, bottle, tank, wallet, purse, drawer, decanter, pocket.
musical instrument (noun)
harp, violin, cello, English horn, trumpet, viola, fiddle, violincello, alto saxophone, guitar, classical guitar, harpsichord, oboe, horn, tenor saxophone, electric piano, piano, organ, keyboard, electric guitar, recorder, clarinet, flute, bass, harmonica, piccolo, trombone, banjo, French horn, saxophone, bassoon.
musical instruments (noun)
barrel organ, bagpipes, air guitar, accordion, bass guitar, baby grand, balalaika.
cask (noun)
barrel, cask, keg.
rumble (noun)
throb, racket, drone, rattle, chant, rumble, chatter, buzz, thrum, beat, thunder, grumble, roll, reverberation, hum, clatter.
Other synonyms:
stupefy, get-up, cram, tambour, thud-box, fancy up, tub, grind away, fig up, gussy up, arrange, lift, bone up, butt, organise, swot, get, flap, pulsate, elevate, ticktack, pound, articulation, clink, timpani, bongo, trick up, purr, ampoule, baton, carriage, mug up, outsmart, bath, belt, hot skin, tick, coffer, baffle, tom-tom, tympan, bring up, begging bowl, bearing, brazier, wad, steel, flummox, thump, ancillary, fig out, chink, tin, back, bump, accompany, debone, raise, work over, dumbfound, turn out, tucker, blast away, tog up, organize, devise, beat out, water, work up, traps, membranophone, prink, prepare, overdress, brake drum, mystify, side, tucker out, puzzle, gun barrel, clip-clop, thrum, tog out, uprise, basin, bang out, scramble, pose, aerosol, beat up, cam, shell, atmospherics, canister, amaze, barrel, crush, outfox, cuspidor, camshaft, snare, canister, outwit, flower, machinate, tabor, jam, vex, rig out, metal drum, strum, drumfish, deck out, blast, murmur, chamber, ram, jampack, attire, perplex, swot up, clack, tabla, ticktock, circumvent, stick, clangor, stand up, dress up, quiver, gravel, deck up, wash up, tin, beat, rise, clash, bbl, kettledrum, atomizer, roar, bewilder, trounce, trick out, tambourine boiler, resound, overreach, nonplus, casket, exhaust, vanquish, ball bearing, button, bunk, bone, barrelful, native, resonate, chock up, arise.
Examples of usage:
  1. This tube is of great importance, because nearly all the diseases that attack the ear start in at the throat and travel up the tube until they reach the drum cavity. - "A Handbook of Health", Woods Hutchinson.
  2. and and down around the pulleys P. The diameter of the drum N is less than the diameter of the drum M by twice the thickness of the belt, thus equalizing inside and outside belt diameters, since they both pass over the pulley of the emery- arbor. 683 685, - "Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II", Joshua Rose.
  3. This drum had been heard from before. - "Sube Cane", Edward Bellamy Partridge.

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