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Spell check of drained

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Correct spelling:
enervated (verb)
sapped, enervated, debilitated, exhausted, dissipated, tapped, emptied, fatigued.
diminished (verb)
shrunk, shaved, concentrated, condensed, bobbed, dwindled, cropped, shrank, contracted, diminished, lessened, downgraded, decremented, trimmed, culled, tapered, pruned, reduced, eroded, truncated, pared, shortened, abridged, compacted, weeded, lightened, minimized, deflated, nipped, compressed, abbreviated, sheared, clipped, depleted, curtailed, decreased.
rejected (verb)
culled, excreted, evacuated, disallowed, denied, junked, rejected, exhausted, discharged, ejected, lopped, deep-sixed, curtailed, disapproved, sniped, clipped, shedded, spewed, barred, cut, oppugned, vomited, excluded, jettisoned, abandoned, scraped, exuded, chopped, jilted, secreted, disgorged, disclaimed, cropped, checked, trashed, vented, belched, discarded, blackballed, blacklisted, emitted, sheared, ejaculated, eliminated, excised, erupted, seeped.
exited (verb)
spouted, issued, departed, vented, run off, exited, discharged, exhausted, ran off.
dried (verb)
swabbed, sucked dry, parched, dehydrated, dehumidified, evaporated, vaporized, wiped, dried, pumped out, wrung out, blotted, desiccated, catheterized, withered, mopped, emptied, stanched.
diminished (adjective)
shortened, clipped, compressed, docked, downgraded, bobbed, pruned, cropped, concentrated, lightened, compacted, nipped, condensed, abbreviated, shaved, deducted, reduced, weeded, decremented, trimmed, eroded, cut, lowered, curtailed, shrunken, depleted, leached, dwindled, pared, sheared, deflated, truncated, decreased, receded, lessened, tapered, removed, abridged, dropped, diminished, contracted, mowed.
decreased (adjective)
shortened, shrunk, curtailed, abridged, eroded, diminished, receded, compacted, contracted, deflated, compressed, decreased, lower, abated, concentrated, abbreviated, truncated, lessened, depleted, decremented.
decreased (verb)
deducted, lowered, deflated, concentrated, died down, diminished, decremented, dwindled, decreased, compacted, receded, subsided, shortened, lessened, truncated, compressed, abridged, contracted, eroded, shrank, curtailed, shrunk, depleted, abbreviated, abated.
reduced (adjective)
cropped, depreciated, bated, decreased, deducted, mowed, abridged, diminished, reduced, removed, compressed, lessened, discounted, pared, bobbed, nipped, eroded, sheared, cut, snubbed, contracted, subtracted, trimmed, shaved, elided, docked, shortened, curtailed, lowered, abbreviated, pruned, weeded, deleted, deflated, clipped.
Other synonyms:
ill, done, worn-out, tired, uncharged, empty, rundown, idle, done in, jaded, deadened, fragile, tired out, weary, ready to drop, washed-out, stagnant, unhealthy, health, infectious, wearied, all in, beaten, prostrate, burned-out, logy, played out, exhausted, pooped, knackered, unwell, sick, frail, dead, worn-down, aweary, worn, unfit, tapped out, bleary, limp, spent, wiped out, worse, beat, bushed, utter, tuckered, failing, weariful, numb.
Examples of usage:
  1. An instant later he drained it. - "Green Fancy", George Barr McCutcheon.
  2. Human Bones not found in drained Lake of Haarlem. - "The Antiquity of Man", Charles Lyell.
  3. The stock may also be drained from the cabbage and used in making White Sauce in which the vegetable is served. - "School and Home Cooking", Carlotta C. Greer.

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