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Spell check of dowdy

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Correct spelling:
An ill- dressed or slatternly woman.
Ill- dressed; slatternly.
unfashionable (adjective)
unfashionable, slovenly, frowzy, drab, unkempt, frumpy, tacky.
Other synonyms:
unstylish, out-of-date, old, plain, old-fashioned, blowsy, slobby, outdated, untidy, bygone, frowsy, homely, baggy, shabby, low-tech, styleless, trashy, obsolete, Dowding, dull, slobbish, primitive, old-time, pass, baron hugh caswall tremenheere dowding, sloven, outmoded, pandowdy, vintage, cheesy, antique, antiquated, unfashionable, out of fashion, old-world, out, frumpish, tasteless, frumpy, Hugh Dowding, fusty, ticky-tacky, archaic, dated, old-fashioned, new, inelegant.
Examples of usage:
  1. I haven't caught sight of a dowdy woman since I came. - "Lady-Betty-Across-the-Water", Lowell, Orson.
  2. When she'd ended, the bracelet turned out to belong to a little dowdy woman looking like a meek mouse. - "Antony Gray,--Gardener", Leslie Moore.
  3. Godmother had complained of her looking " dowdy", and Mother was exceedingly cross. - "The Getting of Wisdom", Henry Handel Richardson.

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