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Spell check of dormant

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Correct spelling:
Sleeping; resting; not in use.
inert (adjective)
languorous, sedentary, lethargic, inactive, listless, motionless, languid, paralytic, insensible, idle, sluggish, still, stagnant, reposing, vegetative, immobile, comatose, inanimate, passive, static, inert, stationary, lifeless, catatonic, apathetic.
motionless (adjective)
idle, calm, unmoving, immobile, languid, becalmed, dead, standing, quiet, stationary, sleeping, tranquil, stagnant, vegetative, fixed, inactive, still, resting, inert, static, motionless.
inactive (adjective)
unworking, snail-paced, motionless, stationary, jobless, unmoving, lethargic, inactive, inoperative, idle, latent, sedentary, unemployed, still, sleepy, lifeless.
Other synonyms:
slowly, off, quiescent, nonoperational, backward, unused, abeyant, show, fallow, hibernating, napping, stagnation, dozing, unerect, free, latent, slumbering, slow, torpid, inactive, latency, action, somnolent, stunted, asleep, underdeveloped, vacant.
Examples of usage:
  1. Just at present my sense of humour is rather dormant." - "A Damsel in Distress", Pelham Grenville Wodehouse.
  2. She was at the age when the forces of character still lie dormant, and an accident may determine the direction of their future development. - "The Miller Of Old Church", Ellen Glasgow.
  3. Since the fatal day when I had opened the sealed packet, I was on my guard against the inherited evil lying dormant, for all I knew to the contrary, in my son. father's - "The Guilty River", Wilkie Collins.

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