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Spell check of dollar

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Correct spelling:
Silver coin of the United States, worth 100 cents.
money (noun)
treasure, check, petty cash, bankroll, swag, promissory note, worth, gold, bond, bill, cash, income, capital, bullion, greenback, sterling, issue, proceeds, funds, coinage, change, money, note, money order, coupon, scratch, wad, copper, receipts, net worth, fortune, wampum, gross, stock, profit, moolah, wallet, lucre, ingot, wealth, bank note, spending money, pounds, IOU, balance sheet, purse, ways and means, pocket money, draft, wherewithal, assets, dough, nugget, silver, currency, loot.
Other synonyms:
base currency, decimalize, consumer confidence, boom and bust, dollar mark, peso, c., bit, horse, dollar sign, one dollar bill, cent, dinar, iron man, deflation, euro, one, smacker, basket, depression, ct., Federal Reserve note, agronomics, long horse, dollar bill, crown, credit crunch, convertible, sawbuck, common currency, skin, bone, dime, AUD, bureau de change, folding money, silver certificate, shekel, single, buck, oner, clam, one-spot, sawhorse, buoyancy, silver dollar, capitalist, boom, denominate, austerity, decimalise, vaulting horse, smackeroo.
Examples of usage:
  1. Her father he want me pay two and fifty dollar for me catch her. hundled - "The Spoilers of the Valley", Robert Watson.
  2. Before he was twenty- one he had never had but two dollars and had never spent more than one dollar. - "Revisiting the Earth", James Langdon Hill.
  3. They are a dollar a- piece, some of them. - "Opportunities", Susan Warner.

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