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Spell check of dole

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Correct spelling:
Small share; something given in charity.
give (verb)
award, assist, bestow, bequeath, extend, endow, deliver, render, grant, lend, donate, help, consign, allow, contribute, fund, send, submit, provide, tender, share, ascribe, present, dispense, pledge, give, shower, assign, allot, serve, expend, impart, pay, attribute, offer, devote, lavish, supply, furnish, ration, disburse.
pay (verb)
retribute, repay, reimburse, compensate, remit, remunerate, disburse, discharge, deposit, pay, bankroll, reward, refund, settle.
scatter (verb)
evaporate, evanesce, dissolve, disburse, diffuse, disorder, radiate, refract, disintegrate, distribute, separate, detach, disconnect, diffract, scatter, disperse, dislocate, diverge.
Other synonyms:
child benefit, almsgiving, welfare, aid, aid, parcel out, allotment, benefit, allocation, lot, portion, measure, divide, means test, allowance, child support, split, welfare, part, social security, relief, assisted living, pogy, gift, the social, public assistance, quantum, divvy, quota, relief, pogey, philanthropy, allotment, handout, collect, cut.
Examples of usage:
  1. He didn't know much, to be sure; but he was capable of entering into a joke and introducing Timothy to the Dole. Wayfarers' - "Brother Copas", Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch.
  2. a Reason Dole out to a person six minutes and tell him to take them and go back and use them simply for what they would be worth, at different times, in his career and he could probably revolutionize his whole life. There's - "Revisiting the Earth", James Langdon Hill.
  3. Then first she suffered dole; she renounced all pleasure at his death. - "The Nibelungenlied", Unknown.

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