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Spell check of doctor

Correct spelling:

One who has received the highest degree of a university; a physician.

scholar (noun)
scholar, master, academic, student, professor, intellectual, expert, genius, philosopher.
sage (noun)
scholar, master, guru, philosopher, consultant, savant, expert, authority, thinker, adept, wise person, intellectual, sage, professor, mandarin, genius.
contaminate (verb)
contaminate, corrupt, debase, tamper with, adulterate.
Other synonyms:
convolute, Md, fix, vet, croaker, deposit, 2.2, medico, overhaul, restitute, baccalaureate, reanimate, doctor up, bedside manner, indemnify, restore, concern, gear up, reestablish, pay back, situate, desexualize, bachelor's degree, coroner, medic, patch, bear upon, butchery, transform, make into, anaesthetist, repair, refer, admit, confine, resident, revivify, blend, twist around, sawbones, mendelevium, fictionalize, bake, commit, beat, degree, surgeon, set up, amend, caseload, fix up, anesthetist, associate, change, anesthesiologist, B.A., load, dentist, heal, regenerate, falsify, rejuvenate, reverse, animate, health, fictionize, impact, A.A., fabricate, 2.1, mend, fixate, relate, intern, Dr., prepare, scientist, sterilise, determine, atomic number 101, dermatologist, touch on, reinstate, posit, vary, convert, affect, desex, revise, secure, diagnose, unsex, alter, associate degree, have-to doe with, bushel, sterilize, get, bone, examine, specialist, advanced degree, compensate, quack, medicine, true, bear on, reconstruct, come to, physician, desexualise, furbish up, remedy, modify, butcher, analyst, recreate, help, set, specify, sophisticate, cardiologist, treat, fasten, touch, cook, chiropractor, rectify, pay off, renovate, vivify, limit, quicken, Associate of Arts, doc, resort, clinician, medical student, revamp, turn into, chill, define, recompense, fake, veterinarian, carve, make, remediate, blanch, twist, ready, certify, cure, pertain, doctor of the church, pervert, right, butter, clean, revive.
Common misspellings:
  1. docter (45%)
  2. docotor (15%)
  3. docotr (14%)
  4. doctore (8%)
  5. docor (4%)
  6. dotor (3%)
  7. dcotor (1%)
  8. doctr (1%)
  9. docto (1%)
Examples of usage:
  1. What's that the doctor said of me?
    - - "Blind Love", Wilkie Collins.
  2. The doctor has just gone."
    - - "Blind Love", Wilkie Collins. - "Flamsted quarries", Mary E. Waller.
  3. The doctor smiled drily.
    - - "Blind Love", Wilkie Collins. - "Flamsted quarries", Mary E. Waller. - "By Right of Purchase", Harold Bindloss.
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