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Spell check of dissenting

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Correct spelling:
disagreeing, especially with a majority
defiant (adjective)
recalcitrant, insolent, daring, insubordinate, challenging, rebellious, conflicting, bold, resistant, audacious, stubborn, defiant, obstinate, insurgent, factious, confrontational.
contentious (adjective)
argumentive, protesting, antagonistic, contrary, contentious, controversial, quarrelsome, resistant, conflicting, confrontational, oppositional, dissident.
defying (verb)
facing, counteracting, countermanding, rebelling, challenging, resisting, daring, contravening, defying, crossing, countering, confronting, affronting.
negative (adjective)
contrary, negative, opposing.
disagreeing (verb)
disputing, disagreeing, defying, challenging, bickering, conflicting, objecting, opposing, colliding, demurring, repudiating, antagonizing, clashing, arguing, rejecting, contending, complaining, differing.
conflicting (adjective)
differing, loath, discordant, clamoring, dissident, dissonant, contentious, feuding, conflicting, brawling, raucous, tense, rioting, hostile, warring, cacophonous, bickering, clashing, harsh, rowing, colliding, squabbling, disharmonious, antipathetic, antagonistic.
conflicting (verb)
feuding, disagreeing, conflicting, blasting, bickering, clashing, rioting, rowing, broiling, contending, squabbling, altercating, brawling, antagonizing, sparing, colliding, clamoring, differing.
sectarian (adjective)
nonconforming, factional, animalistic, demonical, atheistic, heretic, pantheistic, non-believing, Bohemian, nonreligious, nonorthodox, pagan, iconoclastic, unorthodox, sectarian, unchristian, barbarous, heterodox, unscriptural, heathen, fetishistic, non-Christian, idolatrous.
contending (verb)
brawling, confronting, wrestling, facing, arguing, resisting, defending, withstanding, bickering, hassling, quarreling, protesting, contrasting, standing, struggling, vying, clashing, wrangling, opposing, conflicting, contending, disputing, encountering, antagonizing.
Other synonyms:
dissentient, dissident, negative.
Examples of usage:
  1. Defoe complained that three Dissenting ministers, whose poor he had fed in the days of his prosperity, had refused to visit him during his confinement in Newgate. - "Daniel Defoe", William Minto.
  2. " All those people who designed the Act as a blow to the Dissenting interests in England are mistaken. - "Daniel Defoe", William Minto.
  3. Occasional conformity was " either a sinful act in itself, or else his dissenting before was sinful." - "Daniel Defoe", William Minto.

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