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Spell check of dismaying

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Correct spelling:
alarming (verb)
startling, scaring, alarming, surprising, signaling, panicking, alerting, frightening, shocking.
dejecting (verb)
disinclining, deterring, daunting, dampening, dissuading, dejecting, disheartening.
Other synonyms:
alarming, appalling.
Examples of usage:
  1. Again; All which instead of dismaying the Combatants, only to excite their Rage, and enflame them to a more cruel and implacable Slaughter; and the continual Outcries of miserable wounded Wretches them but the more bloody minded, and them to a more cruel and remorseless Revenge. serv'd render'd rouz'd - "An Essay on Criticism", John Oldmixon.
  2. She seemed to appreciate, without understanding except through her feelings, that- for some reason- answer was difficult and dismaying for him. - "The Indian Drum", William MacHarg Edwin Balmer.
  3. For it was dismaying, at any rate to George, to dwell on the fierceness of her instinct and on the fierceness of its satisfaction. - "The Roll-Call", Arnold Bennett.

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