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Spell check of Disinheriting

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Correct spelling:
of Disinherit


discontinuance, discontinuation, disfavor, disinheritance, disowning, ousting, relinquishing, stripping, Abdicating, Depriving, Disherison, Dispossessing, Divesting, Evicting, Excluding, Neglecting, Rejecting, Renouncing, Repudiating, Robbing, disaffiliating.
Examples of usage:
  1. Gads- bud, I must consult my wife:- he talks of disinheriting his nephew, and I don't know what. – The Double-Dealer by William Congreve
  2. There was doubt, too, and bewilderment in Egypt, for though his proclamation disinheriting the Prince Seti had been published abroad, the people, and especially those who dwelt in the south, could not understand why this should have been done over a matter of the shepherd slaves who dwelt in Goshen. – Moon of Israel by H. Rider Haggard
  3. " There may be some attempt to contest the will," continued Mr. Twiggs, " as the disinheriting of an only child and a daughter offends the sentiment of the people and of judges and jury, and the law makes such a will invalid, unless a reason is given. – Openings in the Old Trail by Bret Harte
  4. " The thing that seems to me the most utterly incredible about all this terrible story," said Edith, " is that a system which was such a disastrous failure in its effects on the general welfare, which, by disinheriting the great mass of the people, had made them its bitter foes, and which finally even people like Julian, who were its beneficiaries, did not attempt to defend as having any ground of fairness, could have maintained itself a day." – Equality by Edward Bellamy
  5. It was held in the family that the disasters which had always befallen the first- born of the house dated from the unjust acquisition of the estate by this Laurence, and the entire disinheriting of Gilbert; it was from a kind of superstitious dread attaching to the name that no Ashol for a long term of years had ever been baptized Laurence. – Up in Ardmuirland by Michael Barrett