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Spell check of Disinheriting

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Correct spelling:
Examples of usage:
  1. " The thing that seems to me the most utterly incredible about all this terrible story," said Edith, " is that a system which was such a disastrous failure in its effects on the general welfare, which, by disinheriting the great mass of the people, had made them its bitter foes, and which finally even people like Julian, who were its beneficiaries, did not attempt to defend as having any ground of fairness, could have maintained itself a day." - "Equality", Edward Bellamy.
  2. But it was lessened when we understood that the old gentleman had been while under roof, and had given the fact that his son was as a reason for disinheriting him. 'converted' Dormant's 'an unbeliever' - "Father and Son", Edmund Gosse.
  3. And this disinherison was first allowed by the lex which explains the form which is to be used, and which resembles that employed in disinheriting family heirs born after the making of a will. Iunia Vallaea, - "The Institutes of Justinian", Caesar Flavius Justinian.