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debauching, ill-using, maltreating, defiling, debasing, ill-treating, desecrating, violating, degrading, despoiling, misusing. trespassing, maltreating, committing, wronging, transgressing, infringing, doing wrong, encroaching, perpetrating.


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Spell check of Disengaged

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Correct spelling:
Not engaged; not occupied.
dislocated (verb)
exiled, dislocated, deported, dislodged, disconnected, unseated, disjoined, displaced.
liberated (verb)
released, delivered, emancipated, set free, freed, liberated, let loose, reprieved, dismissed, cleared.
dissociated (verb)
severed, separated, cleft, disconnected, uncoupled, disassociated, disjoined, dismantled, disunited, dissociated, parted, broke, fragmented, partitioned, cleaved, split, ruptured, sundered, divorced, segregated, broken, alienated, insulated, excised, divided, rent, halved, detached.
liberated (adjective)
free, loose, emancipated, liberated.
separated (verb)
split, bisected, broken, disunited, divided, axed, rent, disaffiliated, cleaved, incised, broke, parted, cut, alienated, severed, disjoined, segregated, unhinged, disintegrated, unfixed, excised, disassociated, insulated, disassembled, sundered, dissected, fragmented, estranged, removed, sliced, dismantled, unglued, disconnected, ripped, halved, uncoupled, separated, amputated, divorced, dissociated, detached, pared.
disjoint (adjective)
sundered, separated, disassembled, disassociated, cleaved, fissured, disintegrated, split, disconnected, divorced, halved, excised, dissociated, unfixed, disjoint, uncoupled, scissored, segregated, fragmented, unglued, rent, sliced, broken, detached, unhinged, incised, parted, disunited, partitioned, disarticulated, bisected, severed, cut, divided, dismantled, dissected.
Other synonyms:
on/at the periphery, disinterested, unengaged, unattached, out of the picture, aloof, laissez-faire.
Examples of usage:
  1. It is possible that some member of the family may be disengaged and may propose a drive before dinner, but this is not often done; the guest is left to himself or herself until dinner. - "Manners and Social Usages", Mrs. John M. E. W. Sherwood.
  2. disengaged himself from his body, and walked a few paces to the edge of a meadow near the road. Aremberg - "The Rise of the Dutch Republic, Volume II.(of III) 1566-74", John Lothrop Motley Last Updated: January 25, 2009.
  3. However, I am disengaged and I believe Muriel will be here directly. - "Prescott of Saskatchewan", Harold Bindloss.

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