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Spell check of discount

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Correct spelling:
Deduction made from a payment; interest paid in advance.
To lend money on, deducting interest.
decrement (verb)
decrement, deduct, rebate.
discounted price (noun)
refund, mark down, bargain, rebate, cut, sale, deduction, reduction.
penalize (verb)
penalize, drawback, encumber, fine, judge, retribute, chastise, handicap, deduct, forfeit, abate, discipline, punish, burden, correct.
discount (verb)
diminish, lower, reduce, undersell, depreciate.
decrement (noun)
decrement, deduction, rebate.
subtract (verb)
lower, cut, abridge, curtail, bob, delete, shave, elide, crop, prune, pare, reduce, diminish, trim, shear, subtract, clip, depreciate, weed, deduct, decrease, lessen, dock.
penalty (noun)
premium, fine, discipline, forfeiture, chastisement, penalty, correction, burden, punishment, abatement, retribution, drawback, judgment, handicap, encumbrance, deduction.
detract (verb)
cast aspersion, lessen, abrade, derogate, depreciate, detract, malign, reduce, decry, defame, disparage, diminish.
cheapen (verb)
deflate, slash, devalue, devaluate, shave, depreciate, lower, mark down, pare, diminish, trim, debase, degrade, cheapen, cut, belittle, reduce.
Other synonyms:
brush aside, ignore, price reduction, brush off, bank discount, disregard, discount rate, rebate, deduction, dismiss, push aside.
Examples of usage:
  1. Its private profits depend upon the rate of discount and the tone of the money market exactly in the same way as with those vast institutions. - "Hodge and His Masters", Richard Jefferies.

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