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relating, wedding, allying, connecting, splicing, marrying, merging, coupling, annexing, clinging, juxtaposing, bonding, consolidating, adhering, abutting, affixing, affiliating, amalgamating, joining. assigning, referring, casting, branding, placing, blaming, connecting, crediting, imputing, citing, setting, ascribing, attributing, acknowledging, applying, accrediting, marking. splicing, wedding, binding, fastening, sticking, merging, relating, joining, clinging, coupling, marrying, connecting, hitching, adhering, abutting, annexing, affixing, bonding, juxtaposing. accompanying, escorting, garnishing, adding, accessorizing, chaperoning, affixing, supplementing, adorning, attending, seconding.


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Spell check of discarded

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Correct spelling:
rejected (adjective)
repudiated, castoff, superseded, checked, jilted, disallowed, chopped, damaged, deserted, scrapped, blacklisted, done with, old hat, forsaken, worn-out, dismissed, blackballed, superannuated, snipped, cut, outmoded, outworn, discontinued, castaway, neglected, shed, obsolete, excluded, junked, old-fashioned, disapproved, abandoned, eliminated, excised, out-of-style, archaic, jettisoned, disclaimed, dismantled, out-of-date, thrown out, rejected, run-down, shelved, barred, denied, trashed, deep-sixed, not worth saving.
rejected (verb)
culled, excreted, evacuated, disallowed, denied, junked, rejected, exhausted, disclaimed, ejected, lopped, deep-sixed, curtailed, disapproved, sniped, clipped, shedded, spewed, barred, cut, oppugned, vomited, excluded, jettisoned, abandoned, scraped, exuded, chopped, jilted, secreted, drained, disgorged, cropped, checked, trashed, vented, belched, discharged, blackballed, blacklisted, emitted, sheared, ejaculated, eliminated, excised, erupted, seeped.
Other synonyms:
useless, throwaway, cast-off, thrown-away, junked, waste, scrap, unwanted.
Examples of usage:
  1. " It does seem rather hard lines that a man who has given the best part of his life to his work should be discarded when he is old. - "The Second String", Nat Gould.
  2. The Quebec conference, without consulting the people of Canada, reverted to the discarded system of nomination, and added the senate to the vast body of patronage at the disposal of the federal government. - "George Brown", John Lewis.
  3. I would not carry to his dying ears the intelligence of your guilt, and of its results; nor would I load my conscience with promises which, had I discarded you, could never have been fulfilled. - "Ellen Middleton--A Tale", Georgiana Fullerton.

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