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Spell check of diner

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Correct spelling:
Other synonyms:
gourmand, caff, dining compartment, patron, restaurant, bus, dining car, eatery, bar, bistro, dining room, booth, grill, cellar, boarder, BYO, bill of fare, buffet, guest, cafeteria, glutton, canteen, carryout, brasserie, bill, all-you-can-eat, cabaret, gourmet, brown-bag, buffet car, check, Chinese, café, beanery, customer.
Examples of usage:
  1. The cork leapt joyously from the neck of the bottle and, careering across the room, caught the edge of the monocle of a diner and planted it in the soup of another at the next table, just as he was bending down to take a spoonful. - "Adventures of Bindle", Herbert George Jenkins.
  2. Any diner would have said that the good- looking boy in togs was listening with mental reservations, ready to argue a point, but nevertheless eager to hear the whole story. flyer's - "The Thunder Bird", B. M. Bower.
  3. Even the cheer of had broken down the next morning, and, though breakfast in the diner restored some of his confidence, he was not the man of the day before. Ronicky - "Ronicky Doone", Max Brand.

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