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Spell check of desolate

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Correct spelling:
Solitary; waste.
To lay waste; depopulate.
destroy (verb)
bulldoze, destroy, wreck, extirpate, annihilate, pulverize, dismantle, tear down, atomize, flatten, mow down, level, disintegrate, raze, rip to shreds, smash, decimate, vaporize, lay waste, demolish, devastate, eradicate, exterminate, abolish.
Other synonyms:
tenebrous, unornamented, devoid, godforsaken, dolorous, blasted, unfertile, thoroughgoing, unadulterated, complete, disconsolate, do in, double-dyed, dismal, spare, knock off, emaciate, funereal, infertile, uninhabited, help, austere, elegiac, dreich, forsake, forsaken, depressed, scanty, free, alienated, unproductive, happy, dim, joyless, dysphoric, dark, give up, downcast, squander, Cimmerian, cutting, sepulchral, neutralize, stark, happy, plutonian, vacate, sad, sullen, full, alone, macerate, saturnine, clear, consummate, estranged, downcast, cheerless, depopulate, everlasting, bony, languish, rejected, dejected, destroyed, dismal, hardscrabble, ravage, defect, harry, perfect, unsheathed, derelict, dull, low, solemn, miserable, wistful, comfortless, depressive, somber, desert, lugubrious, ravaged, blank, raw, impoverished, utter, glum, dreary, deserted, pure, cold, run off, sunless, gloomy, devastate, light, depressing, bleak, staring, void, neutralise, abandon, devastated, gross, desolated, tenebrific, barren, dire, stripped, melancholy, isolated, rot, mere, gray, stern, hollow, keep, crude, sad, morbid, plain, au naturel, adrift, arrant, drear, unhappy, unfrequented, uncrowded, ruined, poor, blue, blow, innocent, forgotten, melancholic, down, dead, naked, inhospitable, wasted, spiritless, waste, empty, bare, lonely, inconsolable, vacant, nude, darkening, lay waste to, murky, chill, simple, cloudy, unembellished, wretched, lonesome, heavy-hearted, tristful, abandoned, friendless, pine away, black, blunt, morose, bereft, blue, melancholy, consume, destitute, unfinished, marginal, sodding, vacated, severe, downhearted, dispirited, lorn, flagellate, disused, unconsolable, scourge, ware, liquidate, gloomy, forlorn.
Examples of usage:
  1. Are you sure we are quite alone in this big, desolate place? - "Three Thousand Dollars", Anna Katharine Green.
  2. He was feeling awful desolate about this. - "Somewhere in Red Gap", Harry Leon Wilson.
  3. Never had she felt so desolate, so cut off from all that once made her poor little life worth living. - "The Mating of Lydia", Mrs. Humphry Ward.

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